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I can’t help but grief for the victims of this disaster. My heart aches for the victims seeing all the images that is on the news. A man breaks down sobbing in the middle of an interview, because he’s lost his family. After 6 days, there is still an inability to get aid to the victims who are in need. As much as I would like to reach out and help these people and make all thing right. I see there is a greater need than to fix and heal their material need. I wish I can give them a gift of a world that is not cursed by the weigh of sin. I wish I can give them the gift of eternal life. I wish I can give them a gift that is not plagued by death and pain. I wish I can give them a gift where there will be no more tears. I pray that while they receive the desperately needed material aid, they receive the greater gift of eternal peace through the Prince of Peace, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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16 years ago

I have to say that out of everything I have read so far on this blog page, this was the most compelling and heart felt. I do appreciate the theological discussions at a much higher intellectual level but what you said here sums everything up pretty well when you get right down to it.

It’s amazing to me how the most difficult and complex issues that we are either faced with or that we create (which I think are more than we actually face) are melted away in the washed up sand when it comes to an unexpected disaster in our lives. Like a huge wave that has engulfed our safe space or pleasure trip that we have worked so hard for and waited so long to enjoy. How many hours have we spent planning something that we believe will give us great pleasure and joy only to find a disaster at the end?

This is the disconnect that we as humans face each and every day, thinking we know what will be, as if we have ultimate control over it and then being rudely awakened by the facts of life which remind us that we do not have a clue.

I too would wish no harm on any human if given the choice, since I would like the same, but this will never be the case as long as we are alive here on Earth. I am constantly reminded that without the “fear” of disaster in our lives we become complacent and eventually believe that “we” are gods. Once we become our own god’s then we must assume complete control over everything that happens in our own lives. That may seem more comforting to some, but usually only when things are going well do they relish or praise it to others, but it is the most freighting thing for me especially with everything that is already going on in my life, not to mention the rest of my family and loved ones.

No, I do not want to take complete responsibility for everything that takes place in my life, been there done that! I’ll leave all the unknowns to a higher power and deal with all the things that I am faced with or fortunate to take part in.

As far as the Tsunami Disaster goes, I will continue to pray for those who truly need it by asking my God (who knows all things) to help those as He desires for His purpose and to His glory.

16 years ago

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