May 132005

Yup, the jackals are already out. I’ve predicted as much. Here are the first jackals that I’ve seen emerging in the comments on the Post-Darwinist Blog

Since there is no scientific alternative to evolutionary theory, this is like saying that Einstein has a monopoly on the school system.
Geez Denyse… Think…

Geez wedgie haven’t you ever heard of competing theories to Einstein’s relativity? And of course Dr. Skell’s membership has scientific relevance. Just as the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has scientific relevance for Darwinists when they oppose ID. Richard Collins might have been exaggerating. It is a fact that there are widespread skepticism of Darwinism across many disciplines. It is not true that ID is saying that there are large numbers of scientists compared to Darwinian religious priests/priestesses. Jonathan Wells has admits as much in the Kansas hearing. Where have wedgie and Collins been, in their foxholes?

el arch is up to his diatribe about vacuous ID again. Perhaps the vacuous echo that he is hearing is from this own empty atheistic Darwinian vacuum. That giant sucking sound el arch hears is ID rushing in to fill the nihilistic void of Darwinism. The do nothing, explains nothing, produces nothing neo-Darwinism is at the death knell. Keep misrepresenting ID el arch, no need to show any significance from Darwinism. For over 150yrs Darwinism has shown no empirical evidence of its validity, why start now.

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