May 172005

It is obvious to me that the Darwinists are obfuscating and equivocating on atheistic Darwinism and personal beliefs. I will offer the following observation in conclusion.

1. Darwinians define science as a purely naturalistic process. Knowledge can only be attained through materialistic perceptions. Metaphysical personal beliefs do not exist within this system.

2. Darwinians claim that personal beliefs are not in conflict with their epistemology. When in fact any such personal beliefs must exist outside of their atheist naturalistic process.

3. Darwinists who defend point two admits that personal beliefs are outside of Darwinism therefore Darwinian science cannot evaluate the validity of any personal beliefs.

Darwinists conflate their own definition of these two systems by equivocating on semantics. They quibble over the semantics that personal beliefs are outside of Darwinian science therefore it makes no claims against any personal beliefs. However, the reason that it is outside of Darwinian science is because their epistemology does not allow for personal beliefs. This is atheistic because it positively affirms that any personal beliefs involving metaphysics do not exist in its’ epistemology. It affirms that every phenomenon (other than human activities) is caused by random, unguided laws of physics. Personal beliefs which dispute this naturalistic process do not exist and is not allowed to exist in Darwinian science.

Yet they want to convince people that Darwinism is a tolerant religion. The Darwinian’s Trojan horse it to trick people into thinking that there is no conflict between Darwinism and personal beliefs. In fact Darwinism is the only religion that is allowed to make universal interpretation of phenomenon. All other interpretations are personal beliefs.

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