Jun 062005

After the total failure of that agnostic and speculative macroevolution to produce anything useful in real life, I have decided to pursue a project based on Intelligent Design to the benefit of our endangered ecosystems.

I have posted some preliminary points at the end of the next PCID:


As well as an update, inspired by the insightful postings of ISCID‘s member number 145:


There, we can also read the gifted comments of two ISCID members, plus the comment of one entomologist, taken from ARN and directed to me.

And its appendix, with several examples:


The examples mentioned in the appendix are of misclassified varieties as if those were different species. The knowledge of genetic compatibilities between misclassified organisms will help us to produce new biodiversity and for us, Bible believers, will help us better understand how all the basic kinds of animals were able to fit inside Noah’s ark.

Another member of ISCID that also has been inspiring to me through his tirelessness Intelligent Design educational endeavor is Salvador Cordova, interviewed and featured in the Cover and Editorial of one recent number of the prestigious British Journal “Nature“:

From the Cover:

“This journal contains material on evolution. Evolution by natural selection is a theory, not a fact. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered” [Approved by the University Board of ______, 2006.]

“Is Intelligent Design coming to your Campus?”

See its Editorial, as well as the Article:

And my former comments over that Editorial:

Plus related info.:



Another interesting Editorial, which I commented before appeared in “The Scientist“:


Next, I transcribe the inspiring posting of ISCID‘s member number 145, comment that launched my interest on deciphering the true nature of organisms and their true identities as varieties within true kinds of organisms, a study project based on a practical and useful Intelligent Design perspective:

“That’s all good information. I don’t know your position on Noah’s Flood, but it seems to me like this removes one of the key complaints by evolutionists. They say an ark of the size specified in the Bible could not hold all the species. But you are proving that, at least in some cases, evolutionists are using inflated numbers.”

So, Intelligent Design’s research projects are starting and much new and vital research will be done and still be proposed under useful Intelligent Design perspectives.

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