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“Thanksgiving Day” was a day designated to give thanks to God for blessing His land and people. It is unfortunate that groups are threatening our public right to give thanks to Our Almighty God. Today I will give thanks to God for His Word, and His Creation, and for all His Miracles and Wonders regardless of those groups.

I have applied the concept of “Biological Software” to the “programming of life” located in the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), and “Biological Hardware” to describe organelles, cells, tissues and organisms, all of them made by proteins, which are the building blocks. The regulatory proteins resemble human “fingers” , initially discovered by Dr. Jonathan Miller (the “Zinc Fingers”). Those proteins are the points of contact between that “Biological Software” and the “Biological Hardware”. The amazing thing about the “Biological Software” is that it produces all the “Biological Hardware” needed for life.

This “Biological Hardware” is like obtaining a third dimensional object out of your printer; i.e., a plastic hand with a programmed movement over the keyboard. The closest comparison is like “macros” deliberately designed to perform specific and automatic routines in a Word Processor. Those “macros” are like the automatic “fingers” which do the work by themselves, performing specific tasks on our behalf without us being there. Those “macros” are also like those regulatory proteins produced by the nucleic acids, proteins product of the Software with a Hardware-like behavior over the keyboard. In the case of Ribozymes, those are like Software with a Hardware-like behavior.

To call the DNA and RNA our “Biological Software” is to continue using our most advanced human grammatical terminology to describe them, even when we know that those molecules are more perfect than the best of our human programs or computers. For example, we call those molecules: “the Code of Life” , the “genetic code” , the “biological code” , as well as “coding sequences” versus “non-coding sequences” , and “codons” , “transcription” , “transcriptomes”, “messengers” , “translation” , etc., as in our human languages and in Computational Software. As any code needing to be deciphered, intelligence behind it has made that DNAs and RNAs.

In my understanding of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.A.* , I am inspired as an individual knowing that I can freely exercise my right to glorify God, even in my research field. Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, unbelievers attempt to get rid of God by twisting the words in the First Amendment. I Honor the Creator of matter and spirit. I proudly acknowledge God, The Creator of the Universe, wishing to inspire others to do so as well. I am including a few of my molecular studies showing God as the Creator and Foundation:

Castro-Chavez F. Microarrays, antiobesity and the liver. Ann Hepatol 2004; 3(4): 137-145. URL: http://www.medigraphic.com/pdfs/hepato/ah-2004/ah044c.pdf

Some original points, for example are that, at the end of the penultimate paragraph I wrote about my findings, inspired by Intelligent Design, on the identity of the sequence (and its derivatives) that are contaminating thousands of sequences in Genbank. In the paragraphs before, I include references to some of my ongoing studies, such as the findings of hemoglobin transcripts inside fat cells and heart, and also of species specific sequences. In references 105 and 115, I present my works in progress. I held that Intelligent Design is an excellent approach to detect artifacts in science. On the other hand, macroevolution and its rhetoric are one of the most notable artifacts in science today.

The purpose of the Journal “Annals of Hepatology” is to publish articles related to the liver. The practical purpose of my paper is to help in the search of antiobesity molecular treatments with microarray tools (“microarreglos“, in Spanish).

I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to present God, and His “Intelligent Design” as the foundation of Molecular Biology.

In conclusion, as the original Christian founders of the U.S.A. initially gave thanks to God on this unique day called Thanksgiving Day, I will continue to serve every day of my life as His Child, thanking Him for his many blessings and benefits.

Update: With this view in mind, recently I have submitted a book chapter related to new treatments against obesity based on Intelligent Design. There, the susceptible biological software is played and modulated by the biological hardware, represented here by a predisposing environment. If we discover how to reversibly inhibit the proper molecular target under the best climate, we can be able to the practical counteracting of obesity under a context of Intelligent Design.

I see Intelligent Design in Science as an inspiring force for great discoveries and progress.

* The First Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S.A. textually reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

[My emphasis]

Edited from my ARN topic: Here’s a better term for the programming of life….

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16 years ago


Sooner or later concepts inspired by alternatives to speculative macroevolutionary Darwininsm will be explored experimentally.

16 years ago

Thank you for your work Fernando. This is another great example of a stumbling block for Darwinism. The complexity has been a problem for Darwinism since the beginning and continues to be a problem. Your hardware and software illustration is just another example of how intelligent design has more explanatory power over the blind and purposeless process of Darwinism.