Sep 232005

3 IDEA members attended an event to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Discovery Institute’s Washington DC office.

I was very impressed with their involvment in shaping public policy regarding communications and transportation in addition to science and culture. For example, if the DI’s policies had been adopted, it could have resulted in an annual GDP boost of 1 trillion a year. This of course is why the Think Tank is attracting money. People like Bill Gates and Susan Hutchinson and Howard Ahmanson feel this maverick think tank can positively influence the technological and economic and social culture. I hope the DI will do for the ecomony what it did for ID!

3 IDEA members were invited to Discovery Day, and about 25 people were there including Senator Richard Santorum, Congressman TomPetri, ambassador Miller, frmr ambassador Bruce Chapman, Susan Hutchinson, Howard Ahmanson, Mark Ryland, Johnathan Wells, frmr President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Robert Chihak, an assitant secretary of Transportation (whose name I forgot), a couple of reporters (of course!)

I felt like our little IDEA contingent were cultural soldiers invited to dine with the generals. The day definitely served to inspire the troops in the trenches. Now I feel part of world class team, like we’re teeny tiny part of making history in overturning the most wasteful, oversold, unsupported theory in history of ideas.

There is a new president of IDEA at GMU. She is Christine Chenette, who studied biology under one of GMU’s ID leaning PhDs, Gordon Wilson.

She is now a senior, majoring in Electrical Engineering (just like me), former employee at at Army Night vision labs (just like me).

In addition to being more intelligent than I, she is organized, energetic, charming, and attractive. A much improved model over her predecessor (moi). The perfect weapon to promote the club.

Since she took office, membership has grown, reporters have been contacting us, and the club has been working with influential people.

She and I have spent countless hours arguing and criticizing each other’s style and ideas. Somehow, despite all the internal battles, our way of doing business has been complementary, and the group has made it’s mark, far beyond the resources available to it!

Sol Deo Gloria!


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16 years ago

To God Only be the Glory, indeed. Keep up the good fight Christian soldiers.