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[ humor forum post]

Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding. That means he gets $$$ from Simonyi.

It turns out, there is (this is true) a certain board member on the Discovery Institutute’s Board by the name of Susan Hutchinson. See : Discovery Institute Fellows.

I met Susan at Discovery Day. She informed me she is the trustee of the Charles Simonyi Foundation.

You see, Dembski inadvertently gave away the strategy in the Wedge master plan while he was having beer with Michael Shermer

During evening refreshments, we discussed how we could generate funds for our respective causes — he to promote skepticism and debunk people like me, and me to promote intelligent design and debunk Darwinism (which underwrites Shermer’s brand of skepticism). We agreed that we should start a highly visible campaign against each other in which we argue the dangers of the other’s position. Having escalated the conflict between us, we could then go to our natural constituencies and urge them to fund each of us against the other.

You see. Richard Dawkins was part of the Wedge Strategy to make people flock to the Wedge cause. His finaceer has ties to the Wedge. I put 2 and 2 together after as I had lunch with Ms. Hutchinson and Mr. Ahmason at Discovery Day.

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16 years ago

So Dawkins has been an ID double agent all this time? Who would have thought? 😀