Sep 262005

How will pseudo-scientific Darwinist institutions be put out of business? Bill Dembski in Uncommon Descent imagines a world where the infiltration of engineers into biology puts evolutionary biology out of business!

Bill says,

Imagine a world in which there is no more funding for evolutionary biologists because all the interesting work on evolution is being done by (bio)engineers.

And what a wonderful world that would be! Less wasted money on evolutionary biologists, and more money for us engineers!

Darwinist pseudo-science is a hindrance to scientific progress, unfit to survive in the competition for scientific research grants. Consider the $15,000,000 wasted on starting the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Imagine all that money diverted to really interesting and useful scientific projects! What a wonderful thought.

Should that vision succeed I guess that would mean the Darwinists would get shoved even lower on the scientific pecking order. As Jerry Coyne already noted,

In science’s pecking order, evolutionary biology lurks somewhere near the bottom, far closer to phrenology than to physics.

And I will quote why this would be a nightmare scenario for the Darwinists, because in addition to the IDists, their old foe, the creationists, will join the mix. George Marsden, expert witness, McLean vs. Arkansas, 1981 said:

folk epistemology is close to that which works best for engineers, starightforward, consistent, factual, with no nonsense. In fact, there are an unusual number of engineers in the creation science movement

What a wonderful vision: Fraudulent wastful Darwinists institutions put out of business and ID leaning engineers filling in the gap. I like that!

Who are the engineers that have really been the nemesis of Darwinism? Some names:

1. Dr. Henry Morris of the (gasp) Institute of Creation Research
2. Dr. Walter Bradely author of the book that began ID in 1984, Mystery of Life’s Origin
3. Dr. Walter Brown MIT Engineer, NSF Fellow
4. Walter ReMine, one of the world’s most brilliant population geneticist, author of the most daring ID theory: Biotic Message

At last year’s first IDEA meeting at Paul Gross’s school, UVa, we had about 20 visitors. This year’s, opening meeting had about 80 students and faculty and other visitors. About 30 of them were Engineers or Computer Science students. The engineers and other scientific disciplines could play a crucial role in strangulating evolutionary biology of money. What a wonderful thought!

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16 years ago

Dear Salvador,

I really enjoy your postings here. You wrote:

“2. Dr. Walter Bradely author of the book that began ID in 1984, Mystery of Life’s Origin”

That was interesting because I enjoyed his conference that is online:

A Conference by Dr. Walter L. Bradley:

Creation of the Cosmos
One of the remarkable discoveries of the past 30 years has been the recognition that small changes in any of the universal constants produce surprisingly dramatic changes in the universe, rendering it unsuitable for life, not just as we know it, but for life of any conceivable type.

He speaks like many of us here at Texas. We, members of the honorable Republic of Texas salute him! (smile).

And, yes, I completely agree that the intrusion of engineers into biology can enrich and be of great value to the real progress of biological sciences. So, while staunch Darwinists are trying to put down engineers and even doctors as being not “scientists”, we indeed encourage them to bring a new and refreshing wealth of ideas under the “Intelligent Design” movement!

16 years ago

Thanks fdocc, great video.

I would also add the quote from the valiant Professor Philip S. Skell, Member, National Academy of Sciences, Evan Pugh Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus Penn State University.

Modern biology is engaged in the examination of tissues from living organisms with new methods and instruments. None of the great discoveries in biology and medicine over the past century depended on guidance from Darwinian evolution– -it provided no support.

Researchers must pay lip service and give obeisance to Darwin in order to receive their grants, but in practical reality it is vacuous.