Sep 272005

Today, Guillermo Gonzalez wrote:

“Things may look pretty bad for me right now, but there have also been some positive developments. In early September, the university president issued a statement reiterating the university’s strong stance on academic freedom. He also decided that ID would be handled by individual departments as they saw fit, rather than university-wide. I considered this a victory, as my academic freedom had been my greatest concern.

One professor who signed the petition told me in an email that he was having second thoughts about it. He didn’t realize this was going to create such a hostile climate for one of the faculty on campus.”

The good report of Guillermo Gonzalez is in sharp contrast with the venom of the main promoter of hate at the Iowa State University, Hector Avalos.

As we stated before, we emphasize it again: Don’t Allow Evil Avalos to Bash Gonzalez!


At Krauze presented a related article called: Fine writings about fine-tuning.

At Uncommom Descent Dr. Dembski presented the next: Hysteria in Iowa

Which is related to the next article:

Intelligent Design debate continued on the road. By Nathan Paulson. Iowa State Daily. September 29, 2005.

Robert O’Brien wrote the next letter: “My e-mail to the 3 (Iowa State) Stooges and Dr. Gonzalez“, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005.

Robert concluded with the next encouraging words:

“Dr. Gonzalez: Please do not let these pretentious mediocrities discourage you. Unlike the above individuals, I am actually in a remotely relevant field, and I appreciate teleological arguments.”

Ochuk’s Blog have the next comment on the ISU Controversy

While confirming the statement of Gonzalez, we can read the next:

Board of Regents members remain neutral in theory dispute. By Jared Taylor. Iowa State Daily. September 29, 2005.

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[…] 8212; fdocc @ 3:34 pm Recent news on this case (Sept. 27, 2005): The Good Report of Guillermo Gonzalez, Author of The Privileged Planet. The initial Evil Avalos’ bashings against Gonzalez declared […]

16 years ago

Thanks for the update fdocc. It is amazing how some can still deny the witch hunts of ID scientists by religious Darwinians. They justify their persecution with claims of protecting their tyrannical view of materialistic science. Darwinians want to stop science at the altar of Darwin. Any science that does not conform to Darwinian evolution is considered heretical and therefore unscientific.

I wish Guillermo well. It must be extremely difficult to have one’s work and integrity denigrated for just speaking out against an entrenched philosophical mindset. And the Darwinians continues to question why aren’t there more scientists who would come out in support of ID. Who would want to have their name dragged through the mud?