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Darwinists just can’t seem to get their propaganda straight. Evolution is blind and unguided for ID but for Darwinists they can be designed.

Human evolution at the crossroads
Genetics, cybernetics complicate forecast for species
By Alan Boyle
Science editor
Updated: 6:00 p.m. ET May 2, 2005

Scientists are fond of running the evolutionary clock backward, using DNA analysis and the fossil record to figure out when our ancestors stood erect and split off from the rest of the primate evolutionary tree.
But the clock is running forward as well. So where are humans headed?
Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says it’s the question he’s most often asked, and “a question that any prudent evolutionist will evade.” But the question is being raised even more frequently as researchers study our past and contemplate our future.

Can you imagine Einstein or a quantum gravity theorist giving the same answer that Dawkins did? I thought evolution is a fact as gravity is a fact? I thought evolution was as respectable a science as physics? Evolution is the only scientific theory that is prudent to evade scientific predictions. Thanks for the clarification.

Some think the rapid rise of genetic modification could be just such a circumstance. Others believe we could blend ourselves with machines in unprecedented ways — turning natural-born humans into an endangered species.
Present-day fact, not science fiction
Such ideas may sound like little more than science-fiction plot lines. But trend-watchers point out that we’re already wrestling with real-world aspects of future human development, ranging from stem-cell research to the implantation of biocompatible computer chips.

Sure I can see how this is a blind and unguided process.

Even a Unihuman culture would have to cope with evolutionary pressures from the environment, the University of Washington’s Peter Ward said.
Some environmentalists say toxins that work like estrogens are already having an effect: Such agents, found in pesticides and industrial PCBs, have been linked to earlier puberty for women, increased incidence of breast cancer and lower sperm counts for men.
“One of the great frontiers is going to be trying to keep humans alive in a much more toxic world,” he observed from his Seattle office. “The whales of Puget Sound are the most toxic whales on Earth. Puget Sound is just a huge cesspool. Well, imagine if that goes global.”

So what? Has Ward never heard of the fruit flies? There is no real macroevolution and certainly no predictive theory other than “Oh we will change” .

Even Ward gives himself a little speculative leeway in his book “Future Evolution,” where a time-traveling human meets his doom 10 million years from now at the hands — or in this case, the talons — of a flock of intelligent killer crows. But Ward finds it hard to believe that even a global catastrophe would keep human populations isolated long enough for our species to split apart.
“Unless we totally forget how to build a boat, we can quickly come back,” Ward said.

I understand Dr Ward. You mean designed evolution.

The controversy surrounding the San Francisco Giants slugger, and whether steroids played a role in the bulked-up look that he and other baseball players have taken on, is only a foretaste of what’s coming as scientists find new genetic and pharmacological ways to improve performance.

Tinkering with the germline could conceivably produce a superhuman species in a single generation — but could also conceivably create a race of monsters. “It is totally unpredictable,” Ward said. “It’s a lot easier to understand evolutionary happenstance.”

Joy speculated that a truly intelligent robot may arise by the year 2030. “And once an intelligent robot exists, it is only a small step to a robot species — to an intelligent robot that can make evolved copies of itself,” he wrote.

Looking at these examples, can a Darwinist tell me why ID can’t be taught as evolutionary science in schools?

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