Nov 042005

Mike Gene at Telic Thoughts comments on the update in Dr. Richard Sternberg’s case against the Smithsonian Institute.

During our initial investigations, OSC has been able to find support for many of your allegations. However, the SI is now refusing to cooperate with our investigation. OSC is not able to take statements and receive further paper discovery that would allow for final conclusions. (to see the complete letter go here)

I am flooded with a multitude of emotion with this sort of news. I am outrage, dismay and sadden by the tyrannical and undemocratic oppression by what is supposes to be this country’s intellectual elite. Do we live in a free and tolerant society or is this the Islamic dictatorship of Iran or communist China?

This just further demonstrates that the Darwinian elites are not interested in science and intellectual dissent. It is all about protecting their preferred metaphysical worldview. I am just saddened that Dr. Sternberg is subjected to such tyrannical persecution.

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16 years ago

Brooha! Gotcha all in chek!