Nov 282005

From Uncommon Descent. I think Rhodes mistakenly left this out.
“If creation science– with all its muddled inconsistencies– is imposed today, what will be required tomorrow? A pre-Copernican universe? Spontaneous generation? Darwinian evolution? Who knows? These once established the limits of human speculation and were required by those who controlled the curriculum.

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  1. I note the mention of spontaneous generation with amusement. This is a reference to the fact that at one time it was thought that ripe bananas could spontaneously generate fruit flies or that food scraps could spontaneously generate rats.

    The irony is that contemporary Darwinists would have us believe in spontaneous generation. The story goes like this:

    “Once upon a time, inanimate matter spontaneously generated life. However, this happened a long time ago and things have changed since then, so spontaneous generation no longer works.”

    If anyone is interested, I will write a short essay about how I believe the anti-ID crowd is exhibiting the characteristics of religious fanaticism. It is fascinating to observe how the roles have reversed.

  2. Welcome brother Gil, I am so glad to see you here. Darwinian science is an oxymoron. Please feel free to start any subject matter that you want.

    Just go to “Site Admin” at the bottom of the sidebar to “Write” a new topic posting. I would be interested in your comparison.

    P.S. have you seen this alert yet?

  3. Spontaneous generation or abiogenesis was first disproved by Redi, next by Spallanzani and finally by Pasteur. Nevertheless it remains the sine qua non of the Darwnian chance-based mythology. They are even willing to tell us that life was created only once, although there is absolutely no reason to believe that and several reasons not to.

    Consider the conclusions of Leo Berg, in my opinion the greatest student of evolution that ever lived. Comparing the mono or oligo-phyletic Darwinian view with his own:

    “Organisms have developed form tens of thousands of primary forms, i.e, polyphyletically.”
    Nomogenesis, page 406

    Who among us can prove he was wrong? I say speak up.

    The simple truth is that no one knows when, how many times, where or how life was created. All that is now known for certain is that chance played no role in that event or, of course, those events. A little humility might be appropriate but will it ever be? Apparently not.

    “Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.”

  4. A little humility might be appropriate but will it ever be? Apparently not.

    “Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.”

    Now those are words of wisdom if I ever saw one. Thanks John

  5. You are very welcome.

  6. As for my feelings toward the cowardly Darwinians, I paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

    “How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.”


    “I shall loathe thee better after death.”

  7. A delayed reply…

    Yes, I’m aware of the new Disney Narnia production and am looking forward to it with great anticipation. As Teleologist knows, C.S. Lewis (and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in particular) were instrumental in freeing me from the darkness of 43 years of atheism. It is wonderful that Lewis is still laying up treasures in heaven, half a century after his passing.

    I’ll write my little essay this weekend and post it here.


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