Dec 012005

Andrew Rowell over at ID in the United Kingdom justifiably express his outrage for the Lord May’s retiring annual address. I agree completely with Andrew that Lord May is completely ignorant of Christian fundamentalism. He used his address to go on a tirade of defamatory attack on Christianity. In a sense, I fully understand the threat that he feels. The Darwinian myth that is critical to atheistic belief is being threaten by ID. He is lashing out the only way he knows how, through mischaracterization and strawman arguments. The only problem is that his speech is woefully ignorant and non sequitur.

For example, he said:

The Enlightenment’s core values, which lie at the heart of the Royal Society –Å“ free, open, unprejudiced, uninhibited questioning and enquiry; individual liberty; separation of church and state –Å“ are under serious threat from resurgent fundamentalism, West and East.

Does he not know that this is an indictment of his Atheistic Darwinian tyranny rather than Christianity? It is the Darwinists who are oppose to free, open, unprejudiced and uninhibited questioning and enquiry of Darwinian evolution. It is the Darwinists (at least in the U.S.) who are crying foul and running to the liberal courts to protect their religious belief. Their whole idea of separation of church and state means, protect Atheism to the exclusion of all other religions. When you devoid the state of all religions what do you get? Not a neutral state but a state that promotes Atheism. Contrary to Lord May’s view of Christianity corrupting the values of the Enlightenment, it was the Christians that promoted the enlightenment.
“As Polkinghorne, Jaki, and others argue, modern science could not have been born in a Hindu or Buddhist country, because those religions lack the belief in the comprehensibility of the world. A world of pure enchantment and polytheistic plurality cannot provide a cradle for concepts such as laws of nature, logic and reason. As the Reformation liberated laypeople for secular callings” so it provided a critical and open spirit for the flowering of the sciences.” — Michael Horton author, professor and editor of Modern Reformation Magazine

May further said:

Whatever the root causes of the rise in, and confrontations between, fundamentalist sects West and East, the bleak world of Orwell’s 1984 seems a real threat, a few decades later than predicted.

His attempt to turn fundamentalism into some sort of evil secret oppressive force is ridiculous. Darwinians are the ones in power and dictates what is science and what is not. Darwinians are the ones dictating what is right view of the world and what is the wrong view of the world. They are the ones that is driving God out of the schools, coins and Christmas. A reasonable and sound mind would certainly be able to determine which is closer to Orwell’s Big Brother.

As I’ve said in my previous post, Darwinians are not interested in science. It is all about protect their religious belief in Atheism. If that were not the case they would not keep attacking Christianity instead of ID. Science is being attacked and sacrificed at the altar of Atheistic Darwinism.

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