Dec 122005

Author : Benjii
Darwinists constantly claim that ID is nothing more than religion in disguise. Why? Because they are all christians who allow their religious sensibilities get in the way of their science. The funny thing is, what about the religious or anti-religious sensibilities of the darwinists. For example, University of Minnesota biologist, PZ Myers, criticized one of his fellow evolutionists, Simon Conway Morris, for suggesting a purpose behind evolution. He states as follows: “So, anyway, Conway Morris irritates me greatly. He’s a lousy writer. He holds views I strongly disagree with. He lets his religion guide his opinions in unscientific directions. He can be nasty and petty. Unfortunately, he’s also a paleontologist with direct access to the primary material, is extremely well-read and able to provide a wide perspective on the subjects he describes”so darn it, I’m going to have to read his latest book. And it’s probably going to irritate me even more.” (Pharyngula)

He blames Morris for letting his religious sentiments get in front of his science. However when you read Morris’ book LS:IHIALU, never does he mention religion as to why evolution is purposeful. His main thesis is that the ubiquity of life has an uncanny way of repeating similar features over and over. This clearly can be inferred as something teleological. I think the argument can be turned around, PZ let’s his anti-religious sentiments get in front of his science, including against those in the evolutionary camp.

In the end, if Darwinists want to judge ID scientists based on their religious dispositions, then why can’t the same be said about the Darwinists themselves?

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  1. PeeZ religion took him to be beaten, even by Scott Adams and by Dean Esmay

  2. PZ is the quintessential darwinist!

  3. Welcome Benjii.


  4. Hello Sal.

  5. Of course, Dr. Myers admits that he reads the stuff that he disagrees with. He concedes the points Morris makes that make sense. How different from intelligent design, which appears in almost all guises to deny the work of the rest of science!

    Morris doesn’t need to name religion to expose his religious bias. Good deeds are good deeds even when the name “Jesus” doesn’t come connected to them; religious biases are religious biases even without a deity’s name attached, especially in science.

    But of course, one would have to read the stuff to know that.

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