Jan 262006

Interested in the penetration of Intelligent Design into pop culture, including its Hip-Hop music, we present today an excerpt that can be listened here (mp3), or the full song here:

“… Wounds of Darwinian theory will never heal
Once the population finds Intelligent Design
Enzymes hold the signs of a divine Mind
Darwinian speculation is useless
To explain emergence
Of cellular machines below the surface
Seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose
Of a system of intergrated parts
Excluding chance as part
Of how it could ever start…” – Atom.

atomAtom, composer of the track Achilles, found on his album The Day the World Changed, hard-hitting beats and rhyme, with an emphasis on lyricism and thought-provoking content… Hip-Hop with an intelligent edge.

Atom was his label’s winner of the Solo Artist of 2005.

A UK listener commented on this song:

Achilles – Mech Bladez Mix’..a real savage melody that can only be dreamt of..but Atom sorted it real well, it boasts probably the best chorus and an extremley intricate set of lyrics that would make most professional m.c’s give respect. [Acrosoma, the Middlemen, from the Midlands – UK]

A song where you can listen some excellent MCs singing acappella, the name of the group is “Redeemed Thought” (friends of Atom), and their song is entitled Love Is

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16 years ago

Well, that should persuade those dusty old scientists! When rap says something, it must be true! [satire mode off]

[Beware the lure of false idols.]

16 years ago

If Atom sings that “seeing Specified Complexity points to a purpose” you need to remember that he is declaring what William Dembski has been writing in his articles. No idolatry here. By the way, you missed what Love Is.