Jan 312006

President Bush


To keep our economy growing, we also need reliable supplies of affordable, environmentally responsible energy. (Applause.) Nearly four years ago, I submitted a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages conservation, alternative sources, a modernized electricity grid, and more production here at home — including safe, clean nuclear energy. (Applause.) My Clear Skies legislation will cut power plant pollution and improve the health of our citizens. (Applause.) And my budget provides strong funding for leading-edge technology — from hydrogen-fueled cars, to clean coal, to renewable sources such as ethanol. (Applause.) Four years of debate is enough: I urge Congress to pass legislation that makes America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy. (Applause.)


To make our economy stronger and more dynamic, we must prepare a rising generation to fill the jobs of the 21st century. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, standards are higher, test scores are on the rise, and we’re closing the achievement gap for minority students. Now we must demand better results from our high schools, so every high school diploma is a ticket to success. We will help an additional 200,000 workers to get training for a better career, by reforming our job training system and strengthening America’s community colleges. And we’ll make it easier for Americans to afford a college education, by increasing the size of Pell Grants. (Applause.)

Ethical Research

Because a society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable, we must strive to build a culture of life. Medical research can help us reach that goal, by developing treatments and cures that save lives and help people overcome disabilities — and I thank the Congress for doubling the funding of the National Institutes of Health. (Applause.) To build a culture of life, we must also ensure that scientific advances always serve human dignity, not take advantage of some lives for the benefit of others. We should all be able to agree — (applause) — we should all be able to agree on some clear standards. I will work with Congress to ensure that human embryos are not created for experimentation or grown for body parts, and that human life is never bought and sold as a commodity. (Applause.) America will continue to lead the world in medical research that is ambitious, aggressive, and always ethical.

Defense Research

In the three and a half years since September the 11th, 2001, we have taken unprecedented actions to protect Americans. We’ve created a new department of government to defend our homeland, focused the FBI on preventing terrorism, begun to reform our intelligence agencies, broken up terror cells across the country, expanded research on defenses against biological and chemical attack, improved border security, and trained more than a half-million first responders. Police and firefighters, air marshals, researchers, and so many others are working every day to make our homeland safer, and we thank them all. (Applause.)

Note:Full transcript and video, go here. Our headlines in bold. The President’s textual quotes.

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16 years ago

He could also add this:

“at one time a freethinker was a man who had been brought up in the conception of religion, law, and morality, who reached freethought only after conflict and difficulty. But now a new type of born freethinkers has appeared, who grow up without so much as hearing that there used to be laws of morality, or religion, that authorities existed. They grow up in ideas of negation in everything– in other words, utter savages.”

16 years ago

fdocc, here is anotherone:

The distinction between natural and supernatural, in fact, broke down; and when it had done so, the burden of intolerable strangeness which this universe imposes on us by dividing it into two halves and encouraging the mind never to think of both in the same context. What price we may have paid for this comfort in the way of false security and accepted confusion of the thought is another matter.

CS Lewis

16 years ago

What is also interesting is how long bureaucracy takes to openly promote ALTERNATIVES, as the next one:

“Four years of debate is enough: I urge Congress to pass legislation that makes America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy.”

Talk about an ID applied technology!

The same people that we are supporting in their salaries, tax-paying them, prefer to take a partisan position to neutralize the GOOD ideas of their opponent in-chief, at the Office and that needs to stop. Bad ‘Hogs’ like Ted need to leave!

Then, if you witnessed the live broadcast to the statement:

We will help an additional 200,000 workers to get training for a better career

It was added specifically the field of Mathematics. So, Dr. William Dembski, the future is all yours, and of all of the most intelligent ID researchers able to crack mathematical, biological and computational codes!

You can see the link between the first and the second statements included here.


I thank the Congress for doubling the funding of the National Institutes of Health.

Think about the possibilities of an ID guided Medical Research, patient-friendly, genome-friendly, for example those lineage-specific, target-specific studies in obesity control.

And finally, from the last one:

expanded research on defenses against biological and chemical attack

Here, our dear Dr. Scott Minnich has been very busy.

15 years ago

Study the Biggest Forensics Thus Far, the 9/11 Sky:


15 years ago

Hi fdocc,

Good to see you back.

I see that you are still obsessed with this hare-brained conspiracy. When will we see you return to your insightful ID postings?

15 years ago

I see ID as a useful tool, not only to be applied in Biology (its most visible field, but also to be applied as we all know, to the field of forensics.) I call to all good-hearted people to carefully analyze those things by themselves to reach their own conclusions (before it’s too late.)


PS: Have a Merry Merry Christmas!