Feb 272006

Henry Morris

Henry Morris’s

Bill Dembski writes:

It’s with sadness I announce that Henry Morris died Saturday evening (2.25.06). Henry Morris was a great man, and all critics of Darwinian evolution are in his debt for maintaining pressure on this pseudoscience when so much of the Western world capitulated to it. As I wrote last year at this time (go here) in reference to a conversation with Michael Ruse about Henry Morris’s significance:

During our conversation, Ruse commented that for all his disagreements with the young earth creationists, and Henry Morris in particular, he did give them credit for, as he put it, “keeping this issue alive.” The “issue” here was the debate over biological evolution and, in particular, the possibility of design providing a viable alternative to existing materialistic accounts of evolution.

My own experience has abundantly confirmed Ruse’s remark. In traveling outside the United States, I’ve found that evolutionary theory goes largely unchallenged. In the United States, by contrast, there remains widespread skepticism toward evolution. And even though intelligent design has emerged as the most visible banner under which evolution is now being challenged, the challenge would not exist without the efforts of Henry Morris and young earth creationists.

I myself would not be a design theorist today without them. To be sure, I am not a young earth creationist nor do I support their efforts to harmonize science with a particular interpretation of Genesis. Nonetheless, it was their literature that first got me thinking about how improbable it is to generate biological complexity and how this problem might be approached scientifically.

May the work of dismantling Darwinian materialism that Morris began come to completion soon.

Feb 242006

Teleologist and beloved readers,

I have been collaborating in the effort to present Intelligent Design in Spanish, my native languange in the Blog for a new Website:

Today I have translated to Spanish my observations of the Double Talk that exists within evolutionism, clearly represented by the correspondence established between the Hooker and the Darwin (smile).
the hookerThe Hooker and The Darwin, the no-win
Chuckling behind their dirty hands (smile.)

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Feb 212006

A few other ID blogs have posted on Eric Davidson’s article in Science. I will not repeat what they have already so insightfully pointed out. (I will save the whole topic of evodevo for the future) Instead I would like to focus on the DaveScot’s title for his post at Uncommon Descent, “PZ Myers Has An Epiphany”.

The truth is Myers is not alone in his epiphany, I would say any Darwinists who truly understands neo-Darwinian evolution already has this epiphany. The Darwinian priesthood (Darwinian scientists) is desperately trying to hide this revelation from the rubes. If the Darwinian rubes ever find out the truth their whole religion would fall apart.

How does the priesthood hide the truth from their rubes? Hide it in plain sight. Let me explain. The Darwinian priesthood has known for sometime now, the neo-Darwinian fairy tale just don’t measure up to scientific scrutiny. Continue reading »

Feb 162006

If first you don’t succeed try, try, again.

Salvador over at Uncommon Descent posted this 40% of freshman in UCSD’s sixth college reject Darwinism.

Why is it that all of the sudden Darwinism is a requirement for biology majors at UCSD to graduate? Does it have anything to do with their science education? If Darwinism was so fundamental to biology, why wasn’t it a requirement for the last several decades in the first place?

I think Salvador must have meant it as a rhetorical question. We all know that biology has absolutely nothing to do with neo-Darwinism. It is just one great farce. The Darwinian priesthood is befuddled and hysterical over the persistent increase of Darwinian skeptics. In typical Darwinian fashion, they come to the only conclusion possible, Darwinian critics are either ignorant or mentally ill Creationists. Anything else is just not scientific in the Darwinian universe.

Being elite humanitarians, Darwinists out of their compassion, set out to save these ignoramuses and mentally ill Creationists from their misguided delusion. The Darwinian Priesthood will spare no expense or any underhanded method to indoctrinate reeducate these outcasts. I say reeducate because indoctrination K-12 has failed these outcasts. We keep telling them evolution is a fact and there are overwhelming evidence to support evolution, but it did work. Darwinians are great secular humanists that will not give up on the least of our society. Even at the universities the great Priesthood will never give up their duty to convert everyone to Darwinism. Although 40% of unbelievers is a lot but this time Darwinists will succeed in converting them because they will be dazzled by the authority of the “Professors” .

Feb 142006

On Darwin Day, several “churches” paid homage to Charles Darwin. PvM points out Evolution Sunday links to articles about “churches” honoring Darwin.

First of all, why honor Darwin at all. If we’re going to honor great scientists, why not Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Dalton, Mendel, Pasteur, Schrodinger, Planck….. I mean, why Darwin. Surely these other scientist have done more for science!

And I should point out, lest we forget, what a Christ hater Charles Darwin was:

‘I can hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true…this is a damnable doctrine’

One might be a Christian and believe in evolution (some people are horribly misguided), but why on Earth should a church pay homage to an enemy of the Christian faith? These “churches” are a disgrace.

Feb 142006

Jeremy Manier at the Chicago Tribune has written a very misleading article to hype up Darwinism.

Biologists are beginning to solve the riddles on which intelligent-design advocates have relied

By Jeremy Manier
Tribune staff reporter
Published February 13, 2006
To advocates of intelligent design, the human sperm’s tiny tail bears potent evidence that Charles Darwin was wrong–it is, they say, a molecular machine so complex that only God could have produced it.

But biologists now are starting to piece together how such intricate bits of biochemistry evolved. Although the basic research was not meant as a response to intelligent design, it is unraveling the very riddles that proponents said could not be solved.

In contrast, intelligent design advocates admit they still lack any way of using hard evidence to test their theories, which many biologists find revealing.

What caught my attention about this article is the usual Darwinian buzzwords, wave of new research, new genome data, testable theories, evaluating new ideas against the evidence and solved the riddles of evolution. I was intrigue by his claim because I know that ID has not proposed a riddle, which is just a Darwinian contrivance. So when he uses these buzzwords, which are antithetical to evolution, I was curious to see what he came up with. When you read the rest of this post please compare his buzzwords to real science. Continue reading »

Feb 092006

I am really thrilled to see Songs of Salvation in more and more musical events.Mariah CareyYesterday, in the 2006 Grammy Awards, Mariah Carey presented her great song “Fly Like A Bird” (accompanied by a Choir, a song that also was featured in the 2005 “Storm Telethon” and in “Good Morning America“). Last night, at the end of that song, she was acclaimed with a standing ovation. You were able to see Sting and all the other singers standing up of their seats in awe after hearing Carey’s heavenly message, while Teri Hatcher (the most desperate one) even made a comment (that wasn’t captioned) related to that song and the Salvation that it brought to the whole place (and don’t forget Carey’s songs “My Saving Grace“, “When You Believe“, and her other related ones.) Continue reading »

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Feb 052006

Per DonaldM’s suggestion

Most likely we’ve all heard the oft quoted mantra “extraordianry claims require extraordinary evidence.” When it comes to the ID/evolution debate, the question is, what is the ‘extraordinary’ claim? Of the two claims below, which is the extraordinary one and why? What would constitute the ‘extraordinary’ evidence to support it and why?

1. An all powerful supernatural being with both the knowledge and the will purposefully brought all things into existence, including life on planet earth through means that we have not yet discovered, may never discover and do not understand, but did leave behind hallmarks of this intelligent design in the bits of nature we can observe, most notably CSI and IC in certain kinds of natural artifacts.

2. The blind purposeless forces of matter and energy, acting over eons of time through chance and necessity (or their combination) produced all the bits of nature we can observe, including all life on planet earth through the means of random mutation and natural selection.

Feb 052006

ID critics have long prevaricated ID as Creationism. The Darwinian PR campaign is certainly effective with the initiates. There are many fronts to the Darwinian PR campaign. We’ve seen their deception in the mainstream media and in pop culture TV programs.

Since I believe that Darwinian evolution is essentially an atheistic philosophy and not real science, the current ID debate has prompted certain ancillary criticism on Christianity. A recent example of such an attack was promoted in the science fiction series Stargate SG-1. This post is intended to defend against such attacks raised by the Stargate SG-1 program.

In season 9 of the Stargate series, it has introduced a race of Ascended beings called the Ori. The Ori are extremely powerful beings that once had physical bodies but now have evolved to an incorporeal plane of existence, giving them a godlike quality. (For more information on the Ori follow the above link.) The Ori are evil beings because they deceive their followers to worship them for their own benefits, in essence they gain strength from the worship of their followers. Anyone who refuses to worship them would be killed. The Ori also give false hope to its’ followers of the promise of Ascension, which provides immortality and enlightenment.

The worshippers of this Ori are portrayed as dupes who reject science and rationality. The worshippers would blindly annihilate an entire planet full of people at the whim of the Ori. These worshippers have been brainwashed to fear and obey the Ori with unquestioning loyalty and contrary to all moral discernments. Continue reading »