Mar 072006

It is obvious that Dr. Ely has no formal education in evolutionary biology because of his poor understanding of evolutionary biology. We know Dr. Ely has a poor understanding because he criticizes evolutionary biology. And anyone educated in evolutionary biology will receive a credential in biology if they agree with evolutionary biology. The fact that Dr. Ely criticizes evolutionary biology means that he was not educated in evolutionary biology or he was not able to understand it. Oh, how beautiful is the Darwinian circular reasoning.


Dr. Ely has no formal training in evolutionary biology outside what he may have received in an introductory biology course.

Dr. Ely is a physiologist, receiving his formal training in a medical school environment. From Dr. Ely’s own statements as well as our various interactions with him, it is abundantly clear that Dr. Ely has a poor understanding of evolutionary biology.

Indeed, if undergraduate majors in our biology department revealed such profound misconceptions about basic evolutionary biology we would have serious misgivings about conferring their degrees in biology.

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16 years ago

A poor understanding of evolutionary biology means that Dr. Ely has serious reservations about the capacity of RM/NS to account for the full diversity of life forms on planet earth. And we all know that no biology is required to study physiology at the med school level. Perhaps French Poetry was required.