Mar 122006

Christmas, 1991 the Soviet Union was officially disbanded as well as the infamous secret police known as the KGB. Darwinism was forced on the people through state totalitarianism and the KGB.

After the KGB departed, the Darwinists in Russia turned to none other than Barbara Forrest (abbr BarFo) to combat the creationists in Russia. Here is the 1999 account from the NCSE:

Help Counter Creationism in Russia

NCSE member Barbara Forrest, who recently attended a conference in St. Petersburg, reports that Russian scientists desperately need resources to stem the rising tide of creationism in their country.

Indeed, as reported at Uncommon Descent after only a mere 15 years from the fall of the iron curtain:

26 percent of those surveyed supported the theory of evolution, while 49 percent of respondents said they believed man was created by God

Unfortunately for we who are part of the Wedge underground of covert subversives, BarFo has ratted us out. Her announcemnt to the world about our mischief was reported at Telic Thoughts.

I’m alerting all agents of the Wedge who read this weblog that the public is now aware of our secret operation because of BarFo’s relentless spying. Take the appropriate course of action given your cover is now gone.

Wedge Agent 86

Agent 86, over and out.

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16 years ago

Actually this is part of the grand scheme by atheistic Darwinian patriots to keep Russia in the dark ages.

After the Soviet Union became the first to launch an artificial satellite, we discovered that no schools in America taught evolution

BarFo and her Darwinian cohorts like edarrell are secretly spreading Creationism to keep Russia technologically behind the U.S.A. The NCSE bulletin is just a cover story for plausible deniability.

Agent 86 “And” loving it!” 😀

16 years ago

Can’t you get anything straight?

Anti-Darwinian science was Stalin’s baby. Stalin and Lysenko were the guys who agree with you. When we wave the American flag, it’s for Darwin. There’s no reason to keep Russian in the dark on Darwinian ideas. As anyone knows, economically it’s better to have a capitalist, competing economy in Russia than a communist, non-competing repressive state.

Incidentally, that’s the same reason I fight Stalinist ideas in the U.S. We saw how anti-Darwinian decrees crippled Russian science.

That we also saw that U.S. science was crippled by not teaching Darwinian theory accurately in 1957 is consistent, if you get the story straight.

Back to the cone of silence, 86.