Jul 082006


If there is any question you would like to ask me about, feel free. It doesn’t have to be about ID directly. For example, you can ask, “Sal, do you get any money for your advocacy of ID?”

Or, “Do you believe ID is really true?” “Do you want ID in public schools?”

You may be surprised at my answers.

Teleological has three authors, and is a lot smaller place than Uncommon Descent, and generally under the radar screen. I’m not under the same constraints here as I am at Uncommon Descent.

I’m doing this to put to rest questions people may have, and also, you seem someone who is genuinely curious to learn more about the IDers and their ideas.

You strike me as the most collegial and scholarly critic of ID I’ve encountered. I’m sorry I have not had the privilege of taking your classes.


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15 years ago

I’m not MacNeill, but can I ask a couple of random questions that I’ve wanted to ask a guy like you?

How did you get into this whole issue? What do you hope to accomplish, and do you think the goal is at all realistic?

What exactly are your specific views on evolution? Do you accept things like an old earth, common ancestry of humans and apes, etc.? Some ID people seem to accept these things and say that ID accepts them, and attempt to distance the movement from the young-earth views. On the other hand, some ID people seem to be young earth creationists themselves, which seems to be in complete denial of all of the evidence.

Why did the ID experts fall apart in the Dover case? Even Michael Behe, who didn’t drop out, seemed to melt under cross-examination.

OK, that’s it. Hopefully not too inquisitorial. Thanks for your time.

15 years ago

Thank you for your interest.

I direct you and everyone except Allen to to this thread:
Everoyone else with polite questions, this is for you