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I’m sincerely regretful Allen’s on the other side of the issues as it would make life for me a lot simpler. He’s a truly decent guy. Notice how he stands up for his students:

Allen stands up for his students

The situation reminds me of the movie Gettysburg where two good friends (Armistead and Hancock) find themselves on opposite sides of the battle field. They do their duty, but always hold out hope somehow the cannon fire they direct at each other’s armies won’t lead to the demise of their friend at the opposite end of the battle field!


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15 years ago

I also thought it was a very classy move.
Over in Rennie land http://blog.sciam.com/index.php?title=i_d_is_bad_science_on_its_own_terms&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1
the response is labeled “banning” by someone who calls MacNeill a “naive enabler”.

15 years ago

Thank you for pointing this out Sal. I would certainly hate to miss this revelation from the opposite side. It would not come as a surprise to expect this type of integrity from one’s side of a debate. However, I am flabbergasted to find this type of integrity from the other side. Allen made some honorable statements. Let’s me highlight a couple.

I believe I can say pretty confidently that none of them are in any way “arrogant” at all. On the contrary, all of the participants in our seminar have treated each other with respect and have listened carefully to what each person has to say. This does not mean that we have all agreed on the issues. However, we have all agreed from the very beginning that each of us is committed to a search for clarity on the very difficult issues that we have been examining, and that such clarity is most effectively found when people stick to the issues, rather than discussing each other’s characters (and without speculating about each other’s motivations). To do otherwise is to fundamentally misunderstand what a committment to academic integrity is all about.

We may not agree with each other’s positions, and we certainly do not necessarily agree on what constitutes convincing or valid evidence, but all of us agree that this is how intelligent, self-respecting people conduct themselves

These are noble and admirable words. Allen is an antagonist to ID but he is the first that I’ve met that truly deserves our respect.

15 years ago

Thanks for picking that out, Daron.

I hope it’s apparent why I like Allen so much. Something about him told me he would conduct himself in this manner. I take

I take no pleasure having to be on the opposite side of the battlefield aiming canons at the armies on his side, knowing he’s right their with them. A good man like that should be on our side! Another similar guy is John Angus Campbell. He’s the only Darwinist I know to have received practically a standing ovation, and “AMENS” from YECs! Remarkable. MacNeill is in the same league. A very fine gentleman. He will be in my prayers.


15 years ago

calls MacNeill a “naive enabler”

This is why MacNeill is a surprisingly fresh breath, after a steady diet of Forrest, Dennett, Rennie and Myers et al. I would love to have Allen as a turncoat. A person with integrity does not belong on the dark side. 😆