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Convergence This

Cornelius Hunter at IDTF posted an interesting case of evolution in action. I enjoy reading Hunter’s books (Darwin’s God & Darwin’s Proof) and posts. One clever way to deal with a lousy diffraction limit is to process the received signal while moving the…

PZ Myers’ Review of Darwin’s Deadly Legacy

PZ Myers is for the most part an honest atheist. He worships and mimics Dawkins for his hate speech.

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The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria

This was an interesting article by a professor of sociology outside of the United States who classifies himself as a secular humanist. The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria by Frank Furedi

TelicThoughts announces 2 more Knights of ID entering the war on the internet

William Bradford and Jonathan Bartlett

Hugh Ross’s New Book Creation As Science

This upcoming book is billed as “A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/Evolution Wars” . I strongly disagree with Ross’s criticism of Intelligent Design science. However, I do commend him for his apologetics and effort in trying to get a creation model…

Animal Rights Extremists