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Neanderthal is Still an Evolutionary Dead End

This Current Biology article, Revisiting Neandertal diversity with a 100,000 year old mtDNA sequence, Neanderthal and humans have no evolutionary connection. This is the latest study among others in the past that confirms the distinct human ancestry from Neanderthal.

Another Misleading Icon

Casey Luskin exposes this icon.

Survival of the What?

I guess that just about sums it up for Darwinian evolution.

Darwin’s Bad Design

From Whence Did Our Innate Teleological Thinking Come?

The theory of Intentional Stance was invented by a devout Darwinist Daniel Dennett. Not surprisingly he applied the theory to buttress Darwinism. In Darwin’s Dangerous Idea and Kinds of Minds, Dennett has focused on the idea that the intentionality characteristic of humans and…

Evolutionary Psychology Explains Intelligent Design

Prof. Allen MacNeill has been arguing on his blog, that Intelligent Design Theorists (IDT) have fallen into the fallacy of inferring design to objects that in actuality, have no teleology at all. He hypothesizes the vertebrate mind is composed of modules. One of…