Nov 012006

For those who might have an interest, Darwin’s Compete Works are now online from Cambridge University over in England. According to the news story:

Charles Darwin’s work has evolved again. Now it’s available in an online archive that launched this month.

The creators of say the Internet trove is only half complete. But it already includes manuscripts, notebooks and other material, much of which comes from the Darwin Archive at Cambridge University.

Works include the first edition of the “Journal of Researches” (1839) (or “Voyage of the Beagle”), “The Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle” (1838-43) and “The Descent of Man” (1871). The archive has multiple editions of “On the Origin of Species.”

There are also Darwin’s letters and journals as well. For research purposes, this could be a good website.

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15 years ago

I am not too familiar with his background, but look what happened to his handwritting. I am quite puzzled.

15 years ago

What about the handwriting that is puzzling?

15 years ago

Well teleologist go here, scroll down and on your right you’ll see under the title From the Beagle to Origin comparison of two letters. It is the same handwritting but later is quite incoherent. I don’t want to read anything into it, but I found strange that man’s handwritting can change so much.