Nov 252006

Over at UD Francis Backwith said:

No longer can we assume that our most accomplished scholars in a particular field are truly educated, that they are able to understand and communicate in an even rudimentary way the most important questions with which their civilization has wrestled for millennia. What we have produced are intellectual barbarians, deeply knowledgeable of their subject, but unwise about the intellectual patrimony of the universities they inhabit.

You can read the whole discussion here.

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15 years ago

This was an interesting thread over at UD. It is interesting to note that what secularists (or atheists or philosophical naturalists) consider as “truly educated” is not the same as what Beckwith says. Truly “educated” usually means accepting philosophical naturalism as true, and rejecting religious claims (or anything related to faith) as false or irrational. A little time reading Alvin Plantinga could go along way to curing this particular ailment.