Jan 122007

Daron, and FYI for others,

I’ve traced the filter problem to a link that you had in your post. The link points to the ARN article cached through google, titled “Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry” . I am still not sure if it was the raw ip addy that cause the problem or was it the whole link. In any case, it might be something to keep in mind when we post with links. Here are a couple of things to try to avoid in your links.
1. Avoid IP addresses e.g.
2. Try not to use links with overly long address. (I am not sure what the length limit or if there is one)

I am not sure if the other times when our comments gets filtered out is due to this problem or not. I’ve updated the spam filter and hopefully the other problems will take care of itself.

I am sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you all for your patience.

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The Pixie
The Pixie
15 years ago

Another good way to have your post rejected is to miss out the URL altogether, i.e., <a href="">my link</a>.

The Pixie
The Pixie
15 years ago

I have had problems getting this through the spam filter:


… but with .edu instead of .com. The full link was followed by this, but that was not a problem.