Jan 152007

I’ve been inspired by this UD post.

  8 Responses to “The Darwinian Aquarium”

  1. Hope you remember to zap it with electrical charges from time to time…

  2. The “Darwinian” trinity:

    Mother Nature, Father Time and the blind watchmaker

    Note to DonaldM- the tank already has bacteria so zapping it would be a Bozo no-no. Unless you just want to zap the bacteria to see what happens…

  3. You guys clearly have no imagination! Being one of the primarily mechanisms of evolution, Imagination is capable of producing all diversity of life. But I don’t expect you IDiots to grasp this pure scientific concept.

  4. Sorry primarily should read primary. And by the way this spelling mistake is another proof of RM/NS in action!

  5. Oh yeah!!??

    Well I have it on my authority that:


    IDist- a person who understands and supports Intelligent Design

    IDer- an Intelligent Designer

    IDiot- a person who does not understand ID and chooses misrepresentation and lies in an attempt to refute it.

  6. I admit this is the flaw of ID theorists, the lack of imagination and our reliance on empirical facts.

    Kenneth R. Miller:
    Anyone can state at any time that they cannot imagine how evolutionary mechanisms might have produced a certain species, organ, structure. Such statements, obviously, are personal — and they say more about the limitations of those who make them than they do about the limitations of Darwinian mechanisms.

    My guess is that this will become the battle cry for the MET-heads.

  7. Teleologist:
    My guess is that this will become the battle cry for the MET-heads.

    My experience tells me it already is. I am sure inunison’s paradody reflects that (Cue the Stones “Imagination”).

  8. Hi teleologist,

    There is another one by Douglas Futuyma, but this time accusing (straw man) creator.

    Take any major group of animals, and the poverty of imagination that must be ascribed to a Creator becomes evident.

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