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Jack Krebs gets 2007 Darwin Award

I’m pleased to announce that Jack Krebs, President of KCFS (Kansas Center For Sewage, a Darwinist organization for indoctrinating public school children into Darwinism) and author at PandasThumb is the recipient of the 2007 Darwin Awards conferred by the NCSE. Featured above is…

Lee Spetner’s Not by Chance

Since Atom at Uncommon Descent was so interested in Spetner’s work, I open this thread to discuss Lee Spetner’s book, Not by Chance. Spetner is Johns Hopkins biophysicist. He received an endorsement from Nobel Laureate Christian Anfinsen for his book. Salvador

VaTech Killer expresses admiration for Columbine Darwinists

From Va. Tech awarding degrees to victims [Cho] refers to “martyrs like Eric and Dylan” — a reference to the teenage killers in the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999.

ID, Darwinism, and Divine/Fallen Human Uniqueness

Dear Teleological Folks, I posted the following over at but it is undoubtedly long lost in the comments. I thought it might be of interest here. As some of you may know, I used to be a militant, Dawkins-style atheist. All that…

Science and Reality

Stephen Jones has a very interesting post here.  Just one snippet that I found quite interesting: “Let us begin with a crucial point. The laws of science are not inviolable. They represent a constantly changing logical complex, changing from decade to decade, and…