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Young Cosmos Weblog Operational!

A pro-ID YEC weblog has been launched! Visit:

Hector Avalos faces his match on the internet

Avalos is the Darwinist villain at ISU who tries to emulate Nero. He persecutes honorable Christian professors like scientist Guillermo Gonzalez. It turns out, Bill Dembski may have caught Hector telling a fib. Too early to tell, but see the continuing drama :…

Atheist Bigots Abound

While not every Darwinist is an atheist, just about every atheist is a Darwinist. So don’t tell me that there is no connection between ID, Darwinism and Atheism. Thank you to EN&V for bringing this bigotry to our attention and another demonstration of…

Intellectually Fulfilled Theism

Isn’t it interesting that 19th century (the great “death of God” era) Darwinian “science” made it possible for Dawkins to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist, but that late 20th century science has made faith and theism more rational and reasonable than ever before…

What Darwinism cannot do for us

It has been presumed by the critics of ID that religious beliefs like Christianity are sustained primarily through socializing mechanisms. Perhaps they believe that through alternative socializing mechanisms religion can be destroyed. Consider the petttion Dawkins signed to label Christianity as child abuse.…

Darwin’s Victim

I beat a puppy, I believe, simply from enjoying the sense of power. Charles “Gas” Darwin