May 252007

Hector Avalos

Avalos is the Darwinist villain at ISU who tries to emulate Nero. He persecutes honorable Christian professors like scientist Guillermo Gonzalez. It turns out, Bill Dembski may have caught Hector telling a fib. Too early to tell, but see the continuing drama : here.

I have a video however of the fate of Hector. Hector fought Achilles. Achilles was the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse. Now, ya know, I’m just gonna have to root for the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse!

Hector Meets His End

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The Pixie
The Pixie
14 years ago

Avalos’ respondes in comments #3, 35 and 47, after which Dembski concedes:

To Hector Avalos: Thank you for your forthright response and for answering my questions. You certainly seem worthy of tenure, and I expect I would have voted for your tenure had I been on any of the appropriate committees.

So just to be clear, Dembski now recognises that it was not a fib.

I am not sure in what sense Avalos is a “villian”. Is that just because he is an atheist and all atheists are villians in Sal’s head, or is there more to it?

I also wonder in what sense he “persecutes honorable Christian professors”. As far as I am aware that persecution consisted of getting promoted at the same time Gonzalez was refused tenure at the same university, and then getting victimised by the DI, but perhaps Sal can enlighten us.

So it looks like Hector beat Achilles this time!

The Pixie
The Pixie
14 years ago

It is oh so easy to tag your posts as humour, and then it does not matter if they turn out not to be true, you can just tell the other person to “lighten up”.

14 years ago

The topic was filed under “humor”. You’re invited to lighten up. I think the guys in the Trojan horse will win in the end.

14 years ago

Anyone who is against a free exchange of ideas does not even deserve to be a professor, let alone be granted tenure.