Sep 102016

Is it so hard to do science without the obligatory infusion of Darwinian fairy tales into everything? Apparently so. Take a look at this quote from the journal Chemical Senses, From the evolutionary standpoint, the ability to taste starch or its oligomeric hydrolysis products would be highly adaptive, given their nutritional value.

According to the author of this study Juyun Lim the ability to taste starch is an evolutionary adaptation. How? To a Darwinist, as long as there is a need then evolution will provide the answer. Are you kidding me? It would be advantageous to be invisible but why didn’t random mutation (RM) and natural selection (NS) or even evodevo created that solution for us? Or sprouts wings to fly but that didn’t happen. Maybe the superhero power like Reed in the Fantastic Four with stretchable body parts. My point is this, just because there is a need it doesn’t mean evolution is able to provide the solution, but this is exactly what Lim is claiming.

How, which came first the chicken or the egg? If there is a causal effect between eating starchy food’s nutritional value and adaptation of a new taste sense, which came first or is it simultaneous? If our putative ancestors ate starchy food without the taste sense, then why is the adaptation necessary. If there is no adaptation advantage, then there is no selective pressure to evolve a new taste sense. On the other hand, if the taste sense for starch was evolved first what was the driving factor if our putative ancestors did not eat starchy food for the nutritional value. Again there is no selective pressure and correlation between evolution and nutrition.

My point against this author is that Darwinian fairy tales is a mantra and the default solution for everything whether there is evidence for it or not.

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