Jan 122007

Daron, and FYI for others,

I’ve traced the filter problem to a link that you had in your post. The link points to the ARN article cached through google, titled “Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry” . I am still not sure if it was the raw ip addy that cause the problem or was it the whole link. In any case, it might be something to keep in mind when we post with links. Here are a couple of things to try to avoid in your links. Continue reading »

Jan 092007

A great article from the UK supporting ID.

Buggs, who holds a DPhil in plant ecology and evolution from the University of Oxford and sits on the scientific panel of Truth in Science,

Finally, Randerson claims that ID is “pure religion”. In fact, ID is a logical inference, based on data gathered from the natural world, and hence it is firmly in the realm of science. It does not rely upon the Bible, the Qur’an, or any religious authority or tradition – only on scientific evidence. When a religious person advocates teaching ID in science without identification of the designer, there is no dishonesty or “Trojan horse”, just realism about the limitations of the scientific method. If certain Darwinists also had the intellectual honesty to distinguish between science and their religious beliefs, the public understanding of science would be much enhanced.


Jan 012007

Bill pointed out some exciting upcoming new books on ID. Let me add to his list Science’s Blind Spot: The Unseen Religion of Scientific Naturalism by Cornelius G. Hunter

Bill’s list:

  • THE EDGE OF EVOLUTION by Michael Behe

I wonder what happened to Dean Kenyon.

Krause added:
The Design Matrix by Mike Gene

Dec 222006

I will be away from the computer for about a week as I celebrate the birth of our savior and just wanted to wish all of my friends here a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for allowing me to participate at Teleological blog and may God bless you all.

Dec 152006

I am going to offend a few people who read this blog. My intention really is not to offend anyone. I am not being deliberately provocative. I am simply worried. I am going to worrying out loud. I am going to deal with belief, specifically the problem of religious belief. Because I happen to think how we deal with religious belief, or fail to criticize the belief of other human beings at this moment has more to do with the maintenance of civilization than anything else that is in our powers to influence. Our world has been Balkanized by incompatible religious dogmas. We have Atheists against Christians against Jews. The books themselves make incompatible claims. We have this founding notion that Darwin wrote one of our texts. Unfortunately we have many such books on hand. I see no reason to survive our religious differences indefinitely. The fact that a few short years from now, you will be able to sit in a cave in Afghanistan and with your thousand-dollar laptop, you will essentially have a supercomputer that can kick off its genetic algorithms, its malicious code, to the rest of society. You would be able to buy this malicious code from some atheist hackers here in the U.S. This alone makes this Balkanization of our world, the separate moral identities, the fact we are not identified just merely as human beings but we are Atheist and Muslims. It makes it untenable. Continue reading »

Dec 132006

This is a repost of an older submission which was lost.
It is presented as a resource to answer the recurring question “does ID require intervention by the designer?”

If, by chance, it should ever come up that ID requires miracles or direct interventions in the course of the history of life (just kidding, of course it will come up) perhaps these notes from Dembski and Behe will come in handy.
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