Dec 312004

I can’t help but grief for the victims of this disaster. My heart aches for the victims seeing all the images that is on the news. A man breaks down sobbing in the middle of an interview, because he’s lost his family. After 6 days, there is still an inability to get aid to the victims who are in need. As much as I would like to reach out and help these people and make all thing right. I see there is a greater need than to fix and heal their material need. I wish I can give them a gift of a world that is not cursed by the weigh of sin. I wish I can give them the gift of eternal life. I wish I can give them a gift that is not plagued by death and pain. I wish I can give them a gift where there will be no more tears. I pray that while they receive the desperately needed material aid, they receive the greater gift of eternal peace through the Prince of Peace, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Dec 312004

Darwinian evolutionist have been very successful in deceiving the world that Darwinian evolution is science. When in fact the majority of Darwinists are Atheists with an atheistic agenda. It has become a religion with high priests and priestesses. No one is allowed to challenge their material naturalistic beliefs. In a statement on evolution from their book Miller and Levine writes

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Dec 282004

For it is with your heart that you believe,
and it is with your mouth that you confess you
are atheist. As Darwin says, “Anyone who trusts
in methodological naturalism will never be put to
shame.”, because there is no morality. For there
is big difference between Jew and Gentile the
same Lord of Evolution has made some over the
others. “Everyone who calls on the name of
Atheism will be nihilist.” How, then, can they
call on the one they have not believed in? And
how can they believe unless they be brainwash by
other Atheist. And how can they be brainwash
unless it is force down their throats.
And how can it be force down their throats unless
it is disguise under the name of science. As it
is written, “How beautiful are the blind leading the blind”
— Atheist Manifesto 1:1-7