Jul 242005

Bruce Chapman, President of the Discovery Institute has an article that echoes much of my sentiment.

So, to prevent exposure of the incapacity of their theory, what is the next test the Darwinists are going to come up with? Will it not be a religious test that explicitly examines supposed motives rather than evidence or logic; that says that any scientist who is both religious in his personal views and a critic of Darwin in science is, by that combination, banished from debate on the topic of evolution? How far against the tradition of scientific freedom will the defenders go to defend their turf? Continue reading »

Jul 242005

Here is a letter from the ever eloquent and outspoken Professor of Biology John A. Davison to Revista De Biologia.

    Do We Have an Evolutionary Theory?

Dear Editors,

The word theory has several definitions. To facilitate discussion I am going to define theory as follows. A theory sensu strictu is an hypothesis which, having been tested, has achieved a degree of support, thereby enabling it to make certain predictions. When this definition is applied to evolution some curious conclusions emerge.

I will present these conclusions first with respect to the two major hypotheses which have dominated evolutionary science for over a century. Continue reading »

Jul 232005

Paul Nelson wrote a very telling entry in ID the Future on how ridiculous some Darwinists have become. Paul Nelson quoting Raff

…let us not play into the hands of ID propagandists. For instance, be careful about using teleological words to describe biological entities in our teaching and writing. Calling cells “machines that do X,” or describing biological structures as “well designed to do Y” will be duly cited in ID propaganda as one more biologist-supporting design.

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Jul 022005

“That’s where Evo Devo comes in, attempting to explain a process through which a single- celled egg develops into a multibillion-celled animal, and why there are such deep connections among animals” Where do they all come from?

So what is evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo)? According to B. K. Hall professor of Biology “Evo-Devo opens the black box between genotype and phenotype, or more properly, phenotypes as multiple life history stages arise in many organisms from a single genotype.” Int. J. Dev. Biol. 47: 491-495 (2003)

Once again Darwinism has bit off more than it can chew. Continue reading »