Jul 232005

Paul Nelson wrote a very telling entry in ID the Future on how ridiculous some Darwinists have become. Paul Nelson quoting Raff

…let us not play into the hands of ID propagandists. For instance, be careful about using teleological words to describe biological entities in our teaching and writing. Calling cells “machines that do X,” or describing biological structures as “well designed to do Y” will be duly cited in ID propaganda as one more biologist-supporting design.

Paul comments:

OK. Let’s say I’m a postdoc working on a cellular system (oops — “system” sounds designed, how about “assemblage” or “a bunch of stuff”) that controls (oh heck — “control” is teleological, how about “just happens to do something or other in relation to”) signal transduction (now what? Excuse me, Professor Raff — do you have a non-teleological synonym for “signal transduction”?)…sorry, didn’t mean to use all those teleological words just then, but I couldn’t help myself.

The religious Darwinists are so blinded by their close minded adherence to methodological naturalism that they think just by changing the terminology will wipe away the obvious evidence of design.

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