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Recent news on this case (Sept. 27, 2005): The Good Report of Guillermo Gonzalez, Author of The Privileged Planet

The initial Evil Avalos’ bashings against Gonzalez declared:

We certainly don’t want to give the impression to the public that intelligent design is what we do.

Next is the introduction of the enlightening book coauthored by Gonzalez and of whom Avalos is going against:

Introduction To The Privileged Planet. Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards. Regnery. June 15, 2005

Next is the complete video based on the enlightening book coauthored by Gonzalez and of whom Avalos is going against:

The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe (Real Player, 60 min.)

Now Avalos and the other 120 signers of the document will deny that they’re doing anything inappropriate, but let’s be serious. This is Scientific McCarthyism in a cheap tuxedo, as other wise men have declared elsewhere:

telicthoughts p=237

telicthoughts p=238

telicthoughts p=240

Don’t restrict the direction of research
Iowa State Daily
Guillermo Gonzalez
Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Department of Physics and Astronomy
August 26, 2005

uncommondescent 272

uncommondescent 270

Let’s do something to prevent those events of discrimination and ‘absurditism’. My way to do it is through this messages, yeah!

Update: More on this story:

We read in:

More on Gonzalez, by William Dembski.
September 2, 2005
uncommondescent 298

“According to Hector Avalos: “It’s becoming increasingly clear to some of us that Iowa State University is being marketed as an intelligent design research center.” So, on the one hand, Eugenie Scott et al. tell ID theorists and researchers to get busy, do the work and get it through the peer-review process. But now we learn that the very idea of a ID research, much less an ID research center, is out-of-bounds. Heads I win, tails you lose.”

telicthoughts p=259

telicthoughts p=244

telicthoughts p=245

telicthoughts p=248

telicthoughts p=251

telicthoughts p=254

telicthoughts p=255

telicthoughts p=256

arn topic 001550

Over, on the ARN forum, Salvador poses a good question for Hector Avalos and his 120 colleagues:

Is Guillermo Gonzalez’s position on ID reason to deny him tenure?

Thought Cops On The Beat At Iowa State University
evolutionnews p=714
Rob Crowther

uncommondescent 292

Atheistic and materialistic evolutionists already bashed our beloved colleague Richard von Sternberg; please, don’t let them keep doing so with the rest of us!

To see other related article go to:

Misrepresenting Intelligent Design
By: Guillermo Gonzalez
The Scientist
August 29, 2005

ID Theory: Open to ‘Design’ Possibilities
By: Guillermo Gonzalez
Des Moines Register
August 31, 2005
Letter to the editor.

A Universal Debate
By: Reid Forgrave
Des Moines Register
August 31, 2005

Thought Police Try To Stifle Academic Freedom at Iowa State University
Discovery Institute
September 1, 2005

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16 years ago


Thanks for improving the presentation of the links on this thread and to Salvador for improving the appearance of the site.

Thank you both for fixing the ‘problems’ of this post. Hopefully the same can soon be said of Gonzalez’ situation and of everyone else critical to current Darwinian views and sympathetic to ‘Intelligent Design’!


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