Sep 272005

Today, Guillermo Gonzalez wrote:

“Things may look pretty bad for me right now, but there have also been some positive developments. In early September, the university president issued a statement reiterating the university’s strong stance on academic freedom. He also decided that ID would be handled by individual departments as they saw fit, rather than university-wide. I considered this a victory, as my academic freedom had been my greatest concern.

One professor who signed the petition told me in an email that he was having second thoughts about it. He didn’t realize this was going to create such a hostile climate for one of the faculty on campus.”

The good report of Guillermo Gonzalez is in sharp contrast with the venom of the main promoter of hate at the Iowa State University, Hector Avalos.

As we stated before, we emphasize it again: Don’t Allow Evil Avalos to Bash Gonzalez!


At Krauze presented a related article called: Fine writings about fine-tuning.

At Uncommom Descent Dr. Dembski presented the next: Hysteria in Iowa

Which is related to the next article:

Intelligent Design debate continued on the road. By Nathan Paulson. Iowa State Daily. September 29, 2005.

Robert O’Brien wrote the next letter: “My e-mail to the 3 (Iowa State) Stooges and Dr. Gonzalez“, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005.

Robert concluded with the next encouraging words:

“Dr. Gonzalez: Please do not let these pretentious mediocrities discourage you. Unlike the above individuals, I am actually in a remotely relevant field, and I appreciate teleological arguments.”

Ochuk’s Blog have the next comment on the ISU Controversy

While confirming the statement of Gonzalez, we can read the next:

Board of Regents members remain neutral in theory dispute. By Jared Taylor. Iowa State Daily. September 29, 2005.

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Sep 262005

How will pseudo-scientific Darwinist institutions be put out of business? Bill Dembski in Uncommon Descent imagines a world where the infiltration of engineers into biology puts evolutionary biology out of business!

Bill says,

Imagine a world in which there is no more funding for evolutionary biologists because all the interesting work on evolution is being done by (bio)engineers.

And what a wonderful world that would be! Less wasted money on evolutionary biologists, and more money for us engineers!

Darwinist pseudo-science is a hindrance to scientific progress, unfit to survive in the competition for scientific research grants. Consider the $15,000,000 wasted on starting the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Imagine all that money diverted to really interesting and useful scientific projects! What a wonderful thought.

Should that vision succeed I guess that would mean the Darwinists would get shoved even lower on the scientific pecking order. As Jerry Coyne already noted,

In science’s pecking order, evolutionary biology lurks somewhere near the bottom, far closer to phrenology than to physics.

And I will quote why this would be a nightmare scenario for the Darwinists, Continue reading »

Sep 232005

[ humor forum post]

Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding. That means he gets $$$ from Simonyi.

It turns out, there is (this is true) a certain board member on the Discovery Institutute’s Board by the name of Susan Hutchinson. See : Discovery Institute Fellows.

I met Susan at Discovery Day. She informed me she is the trustee of the Charles Simonyi Foundation.

You see, Dembski inadvertently gave away the strategy in the Wedge master plan while he was having beer with Michael Shermer

During evening refreshments, we discussed how we could generate funds for our respective causes — he to promote skepticism and debunk people like me, and me to promote intelligent design and debunk Darwinism (which underwrites Shermer’s brand of skepticism). We agreed that we should start a highly visible campaign against each other in which we argue the dangers of the other’s position. Having escalated the conflict between us, we could then go to our natural constituencies and urge them to fund each of us against the other.

You see. Richard Dawkins was part of the Wedge Strategy to make people flock to the Wedge cause. His finaceer has ties to the Wedge. I put 2 and 2 together after as I had lunch with Ms. Hutchinson and Mr. Ahmason at Discovery Day.

Sep 232005

3 IDEA members attended an event to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Discovery Institute’s Washington DC office.

I was very impressed with their involvment in shaping public policy regarding communications and transportation in addition to science and culture. For example, if the DI’s policies had been adopted, it could have resulted in an annual GDP boost of 1 trillion a year. This of course is why the Think Tank is attracting money. People like Bill Gates and Susan Hutchinson and Howard Ahmanson feel this maverick think tank can positively influence the technological and economic and social culture. I hope the DI will do for the ecomony what it did for ID!

3 IDEA members were invited to Discovery Day, and about 25 people were there including Senator Richard Santorum, Congressman TomPetri, ambassador Miller, frmr ambassador Bruce Chapman, Susan Hutchinson, Howard Ahmanson, Mark Ryland, Johnathan Wells, frmr President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Robert Chihak, an assitant secretary of Transportation (whose name I forgot), a couple of reporters (of course!)

I felt like our little IDEA contingent were cultural soldiers invited to dine with the generals. The day definitely served to inspire the troops in the trenches. Now I feel part of world class team, like we’re teeny tiny part of making history in overturning the most wasteful, oversold, unsupported theory in history of ideas. Continue reading »

Sep 192005

Professor James Trefil of George Mason University will team up with Eugenie Scott to debate William Dembski and Edward Sisson.

It turns out Sisson was GMU professor Caroline Crocker’s attorney! I do not believe Trefil was involved in the Caroline Crocker debacle. At least I hope not.

Trefil did have these words to say about one of the most notorious IDists at his school:

“To Salvador Cordova: It’s been great having you in class.”

— James Trefil (so read the autograph to me of one of his books).

That was of course before all the mischief our club was making in the news:
Nature, April 28, 2005 Cover Story

Ok, we all know about the battle between Rick Sternberg and the NCSE. Rick Sternberg’s associate at the Baraminology conference was Gordon Wilson. Wilson was GMU PhD in environmental science who later taught in Moscow Idaho. The current president of IDEA GMU (after I stepped down) is Christine C. She left GMU for 1 year and studied biology under Wilson in Idaho.

The Baramilogy study group (of which Wilson and Sternberg took part) was founded by Kurt Wise who was Stephen Gould’s student. Wise Teaches at Bryan College which was founded by the attorney, Bryan who was part of the Scopes Monkey trial.

So there are all the connections.


Sep 162005

By browsing at Dembski’s Blog today, I found the next interesting mp3 musical link:

Louis AldeaFearfully and Wonderfully -A Tribute to A. E. Wilder Smith.

As well as the next one:

Agency, by FM108.

And the next:

Scientific Fact

Then, by looking at the internet, I found the next other titles (not yet listened by me):

Mr. Jingle, Intelligent Design, hip-hop

While Glenn Okada released his 2004’s Album entitled “Intelligent Design

And as a popular Clinton declared (P-Funk’s George Clinton, not Bill), after Tavis Smiley interviewed Stephen C. Meyer:

…That’s, you know, that’s, funk is the DNA for hip-hop. Like my man [Stephen C. Meyer] was talking a few minutes ago. Yeah, funk is the DNA for hip-hop.

Click the next links for the excellent interview of CSC‘s director of the Discovery Institute, Stephen C. Meyer (August 29, 2005); interview done by Tavis Smiley (PBS) in Windows Media Video (wmv, 42.5MB) or in mp3 file audio (42.5MB)

So, with those links in mind, I was encouraged to post here Intelligent Design Audio and Video media to inspire such young composers on producing more music with the popular topic of “Intelligent Design“, while adding-up its easy to memorize inherent educational values Continue reading »

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Sep 152005

Rumor has it that the university was not pleased with all the press IDists at our school have been receiving.

I guess the administration doesn’t like the thought of anti-Darwin heretics at that school. But they especially don’t like the fact the Discovery Institute keeps mentioning them in every Public Relations and fund raising campaign where they “mention Darwinist led witch hunts.”

Note: on the Discovery Institute Freedom of Speech Campaign they keep hammering GMU for it’s intellectual totalitarianism.

Thought Police Try To Stifle Academic Freedom

The Darwinist inquisition is spreading,” said Bruce Chapman, president of Discovery Institute, the nation’s leading think-tank researching the theory of intelligent design. “Darwinists at George Mason University, Ohio State University, and the Smithsonian have recently hunted down and tried to disgrace scientists and educators for daring to defy the Darwinian orthodoxy. Now we see that the witch hunt has turned to Iowa State University and is focused on an astronomer, Guillermo Gonzalez.”

I was told, “some lady’s coming to give a talk on why scientists reject intelligent design. The university is paying her to come.”

And I did a little bit of searching. Guess what I found? The lady visiting is none other than Continue reading »

Sep 132005

Over at Telic Thoughts Mike Gene makes the comment that “there is no Intelligent Design Theory”. Mike is a serious scientist but I am not so I like to take a slightly different view of ID and explain it here. Mike provides the quote from Rush Holt

Scientifically, a theory is an accepted synthesis of a large body of knowledge, consisting of well-tested hypotheses, laws, and scientific facts, which concurrently describe and connect natural phenomena. There are actually very few theories in science, including atomic theory, the theory of gravity, the theory of evolution, and the theory of the standard model of particle physics

IMO, “the theory of evolution” ToE sticks out like a sore thumb in that list. Before I go any further let me offer a couple of more quote to elucidate the definition of theory. Continue reading »

Sep 102005

There are some pests which IDists are dealing with at a another discussion board known as ARN.

One of the members there is a real pest. He goes by the pseudoname, Pixie (that’s right, this guy chose to identify himself with a species of fairy). He epitomizes the “derail, misrepresent, spam and jam” tactics of Darwinists trying to disrupt the valiant work of IDists trying to communicate and educate the interested readers.

I decided to post here at in the hopes of having a place where IDists can be free from tactics of critics like Pixie. Also, I hope my presence here will draw more web traffic, and I hope to soon give some exculsive news on the developing Caroline Crocker saga.

When the ARN discussion board began in 2000, it was flooded with Darwinists. In the good ole’ days, it was 100 Darwinists to 1 semi-IDist by the name of DNAunion. Things have changed over yonder at ARN. Continue reading »

Sep 062005

Once again the IDEA club at GMU may get more press coverage. We made the cover story of the April 28, 2005 edition of the prestigious scientific journal Nature, and another excellent story is in the making.

A reporter from an important news agency interviewed our IDEA group at George Mason University a couple hours ago. The reporter covered our meeting which featured Caroline Crocker as the main speaker.

It was a little heartbreaking to see some of her former biology students come to the meeting offering their interest, gratitude, and support. Caroline Crocker was removed from teaching biology because she spent 20 minutes in one lecture discussing well known problems with Darwinian evolution.

She had believed Darwinian evolution all her life, but began to reconsider as she was bewildered by the complexity of the immune system which is her field of specialty. She paid the price for having an open mind and encouraging her students to have an open mind as well. Continue reading »