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By browsing at Dembski’s Blog today, I found the next interesting mp3 musical link:

Louis AldeaFearfully and Wonderfully -A Tribute to A. E. Wilder Smith.

As well as the next one:

Agency, by FM108.

And the next:

Scientific Fact

Then, by looking at the internet, I found the next other titles (not yet listened by me):

Mr. Jingle, Intelligent Design, hip-hop

While Glenn Okada released his 2004’s Album entitled “Intelligent Design

And as a popular Clinton declared (P-Funk’s George Clinton, not Bill), after Tavis Smiley interviewed Stephen C. Meyer:

…That’s, you know, that’s, funk is the DNA for hip-hop. Like my man [Stephen C. Meyer] was talking a few minutes ago. Yeah, funk is the DNA for hip-hop.

Click the next links for the excellent interview of CSC‘s director of the Discovery Institute, Stephen C. Meyer (August 29, 2005); interview done by Tavis Smiley (PBS) in Windows Media Video (wmv, 42.5MB) or in mp3 file audio (42.5MB)

So, with those links in mind, I was encouraged to post here Intelligent Design Audio and Video media to inspire such young composers on producing more music with the popular topic of “Intelligent Design“, while adding-up its easy to memorize inherent educational values

Historical Media related to Intelligent Design in Audio and Video:

For the (CD) record, Media material including many proponents of Intelligent Design:

Useful Video Library (also check the link at the end of that page)

Intelligent Design Fellows in the News (courtesy of the Discovery Institute)

More Media material including the voice and figure of Dr. William Dembski:

Darwin Under the Microscope

In Whose Image?

The Design Revolution

Perspectives on Evolution – Index
During 2000 and 2001 CTNS, The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences organized various workshops on evolution and creation, next are some excerpts:

William Dembski – Order and Design: Philosophical Issues

William Dembski / Elsberry – Q&A (large)

William Dembski / Elsberry – Responses (large)

William Dembski (Audio) / Scott – The Diane Rehm Show, 04-18-2001, WAMU-FM

More including the voice, shape and work of Dr. Michael J. Behe:

Michael Behe – Intelligent Design – Presentation

Intelligent Design

And from the Templeton Foundation and the ASA:

Dr. Michael J. Behe, “Considering Intelligent Design,” Andrews University, The Templeton/ASA Lectures, 2003.

“The Cilium” 1:17, 1,920K

“The Flagellum” 1:09, 1,671K

Valuable observations of Stephen C. Meyer:

Cosmos and Creator, from CTNS:

Stephen Meyer: The New Cosmology

Stephen Meyer: The New Cosmology: Theistic Implications

Stephen Meyer: Quantum Cosmology

‘Evolution and Providence’, June 2000, CTNS:

Stephen Meyer – Presentation

Stephen Meyer on ‘Intelligent Design’ and ‘Creationism’

Stephen Meyer & Scott on ‘Intelligent Design’

Meyer on ‘Intelligent Design’ & Natural Theology

Meyer on the Fossil Record

Meyer on Divine Intervention in Nature

Meyer – Summary Comments

Evolution Debate

More on the voice and character of Phillip E. Johnson:

Raising Questions About Evolution in the Schools
(#8546 ; 87 minutes )
Here Phillip E. Johnson discusses the 2001 non-binding Senate Resolution authored by Rick Santorum (R-PA) on the teaching of science.

More on Dr. Kenyon’s deep voice and face:

Focus on Darwinism
Dr. Kenyon argues the need for further research in biology.

A Conference by Dr. Walter L. Bradley:

Creation of the Cosmos
One of the remarkable discoveries of the past 30 years has been the recognition that small changes in any of the universal constants produce surprisingly dramatic changes in the universe, rendering it unsuitable for life, not just as we know it, but for life of any conceivable type.

Ad Hoc Origins Committee, Scientists Who Question Darwinism


Darwin’s Nemesis: Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement

Video Lectures in QuickTime (MOV)

Robert Shapiro and William Dembski
Does Science Point to Intelligent Design?

Scott Minnich
Bacterial Flagella:  A Paradigm for Design

Michael J. Murray
God and Darwin’s’…clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horribly cruel works of nature.

Fritz Schaefer
The Theological Roots of Modern Science

Audio Lectures in mp3

Phillip Johnson
Asking the Right Questions About Evolution (mp3)

Can Science Know the Mind of God? The Case Against Naturalism
Darwinism: Science or Philosophy
The Grand Metaphysical Story of Science
Why a Law Professor Took Up Evolution
What the Evolution Controversy is Really About
Finding God at UCB
Darwinism on Trial
Q & A : Darwinism on Trial
The Future of the Evolutionary Controversy
Creator or Blind Watchmaker
Phillip E. Johnson – Audio: Evolution and Intelligent Design. Northwest Nazarene University, November 13, 2000 (in RealAudio, the audio skips).

Michael Behe
Science Stumbles on Design
Is Intelligent Design Necessary for a Full Explanation for the Molecular Structure of Life?
Exploring Darwin’s Black Box
Science and Religon: Theologians and Scientists Dialogue
WRTI: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Robert Shapiro and William Dembski
Does Science Point to Intelligent Design?

Jed Macosko
Life: Chance or Design?

Scott Minnich
Bacterial Flagella: A Paradigm for Design

Walter Bradley
Is It Possible to Reconcile Genesis 1-11 with Modern Science?
Is There Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Creator of the Universe?
The Christian Voice in the University
Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God
Coping In Academia
Truth in Religion

Nancy Pearcey
What’s In a Worldview
Darwin Meets the Berenstain Bears

Del Ratzsch
Intelligent Design: What Is Science Permitted to Think? (mp3)

Hugh Ross
What the Cosmos Tells Us About God
A Scientist Who Looked and Was Found
The Top 9 Objections for Rejecting Christianity

Fritz Schaefer
The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God
The Theological Roots of Modern Science
Scientists and Their Gods
The Way of Discovery
Post-Modernism’s Use of Quatum Theory

Michael Strauss
Why Faith and Science Must Agree
On the Origin and Design of the Universe

Additional Material:

Recently Stephen C. Meyer declared:

I personally do think that God created the world. But the reason that as a design theorist, we are careful not to say more than we can detect intelligence is not because we are trying to pull a sham or the wool over anyone’s eyes, we’re trying to be careful about what the evidence can establish and what it can’t. The argument for design is based on evidence and the evidence established an intelligent cause, but it can’t establish the identity of the intelligence.”

Additional and Related Audio (mp3) that can be found at the Veritas.Org

Prof. Phillip Johnson
The Grand Metaphysical Story of Science < University of Michigan, 1994, mp3 (17 MB)>

Dr. Michael Behe
Scopes Trial 75th Anniversary – Talk of the Nation – National Public Radio – July 21, 2000 (Audio RealPlayer)
Talk of the Nation – National Public Radio – Feb. 13, 2002 (Audio RealPlayer)

Dr. David Berlinski
The Incorrigible Dr. Berlinski (Video interview, in RealPlayer)

Walter L. Bradley
Scientific Evidence For an Intelligent Creation (University of Louisville, 1996)
Is There Scientific Evidence For An Intellegent Designer? (Indiana University, 1995-02-17)
Is There Evidence For An Intelligent Designer? (University of Florida, 1995)
Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God (Colorado University, 1996)
W. Bradley’s miscellaneous:
Giants in the Land (University of Georgia, 1997)
Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries: Engineering for the Poorest 4 Billion People on Earth (Louisiana State University, 2005-03-14)
Faculty Appreciation Dinner (University of Wisconsin, 1996)
One Professor’s Quest For Success (Indiana University, 1995-02-17)

Fritz Schaefer
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang & God < University of Michigan, 1994, mp3 (19 MB)>
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang & God (Ohio State University, 1995)
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang & God (Ball State University, 1997)
The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God < University of Michigan, Download mp3 (59 MB)>
The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God (University of Louisville, 1995)
The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God (UNCA, 1995)
The Way of Discovery, Texas A&M University, 1995.

Hugh Ross
A Scientist Who Looked and Was Found < University of Florida, 1994, mp3 (12 MB)>
What Does The Cosmos Tell Us About God? < University of Michigan, 1994, mp3 (26 MB)>
What Does The Cosmos Tell Us About God? < University of Florida, 1994, mp3 (20 MB)>
What Recent Discoveries Tell Us About God < University of Florida, 1994, mp3 (13 MB)>

Searching For Truth in the Cosmos: The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking and God (1995)
J. P. Moreland. Truth & Philosophy: God, Scientific Naturalism, and the Search for Meaning. UNCA, 1997.
Ian Hutchinson. Science and Faith Discussion. Harvard University, 1994 and 1995.
Grant Osborne. The Reliability of the Bible, University of North Carolina, 1998. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
In the same Website (above), numerous conferences by William Lane Craig and others.

One last question:

Have you found more Audio and Video related, that you may want to add?

Please, let us know if this source-reference is useful for you.


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16 years ago

Next, an excellent video independent but friendly to “Intelligent Design”:

On the Theory of Conservation
(55 min. | #8548 | 6/15/2004)
Art Battson introduces a new Theory of Conservation as a an alternative to both Darwinian naturalism and theistic Intelligent Design. He argues that natural selection inhibits major evolutionary change and that microevolution can be extrapolated to account for macrostasis.



[…] Interested in the penetration of Intelligent Design into pop culture, including its Hip-Hop music, we present today an excerpt that can be listened here (mp3), or the full song here:Achilles & […]