Nov 042005

Among the scientific myths exploded by Tom Bethell:

1. Why, quite independently of Intelligent Design, fewer informed
people than ever believe in evolution now
2. Evolution from the primordial soup: not a scientific truth but a
highly questionable philosophical worldview, whose real premises have been
carefully concealed
3. How boosters of the evolutionary theory systematically stifle debate
on the premises of Intelligent Design, and shamelessly silence challenges to
4. How evolutionists twist any outcome in nature as a “confirmation” of
Darwin’s theory
5. The famous (and non-believing) philosopher who admitted that “It’s
easier to believe in God” than in evolution
6. PC madness: how the government and private firms have spent billions
to clear away trace amounts of chemicals that are actually beneficial in
small doses to humans
7. Death by environmentalism: how the banning of DDT has created a
health crisis of catastrophic proportions in Africa
8. How DDT was banned despite clear evidence that it did not pose a
significant cancer risk
9. Stem cell research: How many of the “breakthroughs” trumpeted by the
liberal media have in fact been based on wrongly interpreted or fudged data
10. Ugly tissue malfunctions that have resulted from hasty and
ill-informed injections of stem cells
11. Genetic engineering: how it is turning out to be as hard to achieve
in our day as social engineering was in the Communist era
12. How, despite the manifest failures and broken promises of the
genetic engineering movement, budgets for the Genome Project and similar
efforts continue to soar
13. The AIDS epidemic in Africa: how it has been trumped-up (requiring
the imputation of Hollywood lifestyles to rural Africans) to support the
media’s myth of heterosexual AIDS and exponential increases in funding for
AIDS research
14. How Leftist dogmas have interfered with finding genuine solutions to
the problem of AIDS and other diseases spreading in Africa
15. War between science and religion? Why modern science would never
have developed at all without Judeo-Christian religious principles
16. Why the Victorian notion of conflict between religion and science
refuses to die: it’s still being waged by some eminent Darwinians, in
defiance of the facts
17. The materialist superstition: how, having (they think) disposed of
God, some scientists are eager to fill the void themselves
18. Charles Darwin: not merely a detached agnostic (his public pose) but
a determined antagonist of Christianity
19. Global warming debunked: why the environmentalist dogma that the
increase in temperatures has been caused by human activity, primarily the
burning of fossil fuels, is unequivocally false
20. How, as the inadequacies of global warming theory became apparent,
its disciples have resorted to scare tactics and name-calling
21. Solar energy and other pet projects of the Left: why they won’t work
(contributing a mere 0.19 percent of total U.S. energy needs despite massive
efforts) and are wasteful to boot
22. How economic depression would unavoidably result from the U.S.’s
adoption of the Kyoto accords so beloved of leftist environmentalists
23. The remarkable study that was intended to demonstrate the danger of
nuclear radiation to workers, but instead showed just the opposite
24. Why radon spas are so popular — and other surprising facts about
radiation’s effects on the human body that environmentalists hope you don’t
find out
25. An open admission by a Sierra Club official that they want to keep
the DDT ban in place because it reduces African populations
26. PC myth exploded: a worldwide epidemic of extinctions? No: how most
species extinctions can be proven to have had nothing to do with human
27. How the myth of mass extinctions of species caused by humans has
been embraced by mass-circulation, once mainstream magazines such as
National Geographic, as well by internationally respected scientists –Å“
despite there not being a shred of evidence in its favor
28. Why — despite vehement denials from environmentalists — property
rights are intimately connected with the survival and flourishing of species
29. How the environmental movement abandoned science and logic in the
mid-1980s — just as mainstream society was adopting all the more reasonable
items on the environmental agenda
30. Hormesis: how this little-known but well-attested phenomenon could
revolutionize our understanding of how to deal with hazardous materials
31. The Flat Earth Myth: how no educated person in the history of
Western Civilization since the third century B.C. believed that the earth
was flat — and how the myth that they did has been a powerful weapon of
ridicule in the war against religion
32. Galileo: one of the first casualties in the war between science and
religion? Not quite: how he could have avoided trouble with the Catholic
Church if only he had stuck to science and not ventured into theology
33. Science: objective? Why it is more politicized today than ever
before in history

full story here.

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John A. Davison
John A. Davison
16 years ago

A past evolution cannot and must not be denied and a present evolution cannot and, in my opinion, will not be documented.

John A. Davison
John A. Davison
16 years ago

For Dembski to endorse Bethel’s book is scandalous.

16 years ago

No one doubts about past evolution in the sense that new forms abruptly arises. The question is how did those forms arise. The increasing doubt is on the putative myth of the Darwinian mechanisms.

I don’t think Dembski said he endorses the book but he does seem to think that it is worth reading. You don’t have to agree with everything from the book but there does seem to be some interesting points in it that I can agree with.