Nov 072005

Let me try to further pontificate on Collins’ appeal to Christians for acceptance of evolution, in hope of making my criticism more clear. The harmony of faith and science that Collins is suggesting would effectively make the Bible subservient to secular science. What Collins wants Christians to do is if there are any conflicts of understanding of the natural world we should submit to secular science without dissent. The Bible must be wrong, because it is just mythology or textual redaction. Collins sees no conflict with faith and science because he has made faith subservient to science.

Ultimately all truth is God’s truth. If the earth is round then it is round for Christians and non-Christians. If Darwinian evolution is truth then it is true for Christians and non-Christians. However, what Collins wants is for Christians not to critically investigate science and blindly accept Darwinian propaganda. Regardless of one’s personal belief, there is plenty of room for skepticism of Darwinian evolution. What Collins is doing makes him look more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I think Collins should make a 180 degrees turnaround and fight for ID to have a place at the scientific table. Faith and science does not have to be at odds with each other. For most Christians and this one in particular scientific investigation is a noble endeavor that leads to a greater understanding of the majesty of the Creator. Christians do not fear science because we believe that ultimately true science is congruent with Christian faith. What Dr. Collins should not do is tell fellow Christians to accept junk controversial science that is used to attack the very faith that he professes.

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16 years ago

Collins is not the one calling for legislation to stop science. It’s unfair and inaccurate to say Collins wants Christians to fail to investigate science when he leads exactly that sort of investigation.

ID does not deserve a place at any table in science where it has not done the work to earn the seat. Christians need to stand firm for high standards of honesty — as opposed to those standards sadly demonstrated by ID advocates at the trial over the Dover, Pennsylvania, school standards.

Ultimately, Collins is calling for ethics in science, for honesty in research and in hypothesizing. He’s setting a high standard Christians should aspire to.

Faith and science need not be at odds, true. When will creationists stop sniping at those who report what God’s creation is and does?