Nov 232005

A Southern California Christian high school sued the University of California (UC) in late August, accusing the ten-campus system of discriminating against the high school’s students by not allowing certain courses taught from a Christian viewpoint to fulfill admission requirements.
I predicted this was a real threat. What we need is an agnostic admission program based on standardized tests like SAT and competency of the applicants. Darwinians cannot be trusted to be fair.

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16 years ago

I think we are headed towards a real battle here… PZ Myers seems to think that the most important test of biology teaching competence is rejection of any form of creationism. A sort of test of orthodoxy seems to be envisaged. Bring in the vouchers I say!

BTW I appreciate you efforts! Thank you for it! Keep going! I enjoyed your recent post on Panda’s Thumb!

16 years ago

It shocks me how people like PZ teach at top knotch universities.

16 years ago

Yes, it is becoming clear to me now that people like Krauss, Mirecki and PZM, that they are blinded by their religious belief. They are hiding behind their cloak of science.