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Darwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity and Other Fables of Evolution. David Stove, Roger Kimball. 2005 (hardcover), Encounter Books, 320 p.

A Ridiculous Slander on Human Beings.”

That is what the philosopher David Stove concludes in his hilarious and razor-sharp inquiry into Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Next, link to the Darwinian Fairy Tales reviewed by David Fontana.

WorldNetDaily.com Book Service concludes: “A hilarious, razor-sharp refutation of the hallowed dogmas of Darwinism.”

In amazon.com we read: “Darwinian Fairytales is a must-read book for people who want to really understand the issues behind the most hotly debated scientific controversy of our time.”

Darwinian Fairy Tales: Aussie philosopher challenges neo-Darwinism, by Denyse O’Leary:
Chapter 1
Darwinism’s Dilemma
Chapter 2
Where Darwin First Went Wrong About Man
Chapter 3
But what about War, Pestilence, and All That?
Chapter 4
Population, Privilege, and Malthus’ Retreat
Chapter 5
A Horse in the Bathroom or the Struggle for Life
Chapter 6
Tax and the Selfish Girl or Does Altruism Need Inverted Commas?
Chapter 7
Genetic Calvinism or Demons and Dawkins
Chapter 8
‘He Ain’t heavy, He’s My Brother’ or Altruism and Shared Genes

The New Criterion
Against the Idols of the Age
Who was David Stove?
from the introduction, by Roger Kimball

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Some of the studies that we did before including the sharp observations of Stove include:

Design in Biology

Teleology in Biology

The arrogance of Darwin’s physical and intellectual family tree

E. O. Wilson and his “Darwinian Fairytales”

Mendel, Paley and Babbage, casting down Darwinian Fairytales

Bad Speculations and Bad Interpretations

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