May 312006

On ARN Mung started a thread discussing John Brockman’s book “Intelligent Thought : Science versus the Intelligent Design Movement”‚ Mung provided these quotes from the book.

Evolutionary science lies at the heart of a modern understanding of the natural world. Darwin’s theory has withstood 150 years of scientific scrutiny, and today it not only explains the origin and design of living things, but highlights the importance of a scientific understanding in our culture and in our lives.

Brockman has got to be joking. See Darwinian Fizzbin 1,
2, & 3 and What’s a Theory?.

Recently the movement known as Intelligent Design has attracted the attention of journalists, educators, and legislators. The scientific community is puzzled and saddened by this trend – not only because it distorts modern biology, but also because it diverts people from the truly fascinating ideas emerging from the real science of evolution. Here, join sixteen of our preeminent thinkers whose clear, accessible, and passionate essays reveal the fact and power of Darwin’s theory, and the beauty of the scientific quest to understand our world.

What fascinating ideas from science has been diverted due to ID? The inquiring mind would like to know. Certainly ID as a scientific theoretic is growing. However, I am not aware of any Darwinian mythology idea/research has been diverted due to ID. Brockman should give some specific examples or get his facts straight. Continue reading »

May 312006

What I love about Darwinists is that every once in awhile you get something delicious like the ones that I’ve blogged about here, here and here. This latest morsel comes from Jeffrey Schwartz, a noted anthropologist at the University of Pittsburgh (credit to Dembski @ UD for the find). According to this article, Schwartz thinks that “Darwin was wrong, and his modern-day adherents perpetuate his mistakes”.

Before I continue further please let me make my disclaimer. Continue reading »