Jul 142006

Yours truly.

I was told I will be a major topic in one of the chapters.

In July, 2005, I spilled the beans regarding all my covert activities to a beautiful woman from the other side.

My story will be one of many in this book, set to come out September 7, 2006. Pre-order you copy from Amazon.

Righteous : Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement (Hardcover)

As for the other groups mentioned in her book, I have no connection to them. I’m posting this in the hopes Barbara Forrest will mention me and the band of cyberspace trouble makers in her next book: Creationism’s Visigoths

ID Visigoths


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15 years ago

Well as long as she is beautiful, that’s what matters. 😀

Lauren Sandler is the author of Righteous: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement, which Viking will publish in September. She has written for many publications including The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Nation, The New Republic, and the Los Angeles Times, and has produced cultural and news stories at National Public Radio. Lauren currently teaches at NYU’s Graduate School of Journalism. She lives in Brooklyn.

In RIGHTEOUS: Dispatches from the Evangelical Youth Movement, Lauren Sandler, a dynamic young journalist, reports from this junction of Evangelicalism and youth culture, traveling across the country to investigate the alternative Christian explosion. Using the grassroots modus operandi of the 1960s, these religious kids — part of the “Disciple Generation” as Sandler calls it — turn an antiauthoritarian sneer toward liberalism, feminism, pacifism, and every other hallmark of that era’s counterculture. And they’re engaging their peers with startling success, fusing pop culture, politics, and religion as they preach from the pulpit of the skate park, bar, and rock concert. Secular, liberal, and practically the embodiment of everything Evangelicalism deems unholy, Sandler travels with skateboard missionaries, hangs out with the tattooed members of a postpunk Seattle megachurch that has evolved into a self-sufficient community, camps out with a rock’n’roll antiabortion group, and gets to know the rap preachers who are merging hip-hop’s love of money with old-fashioned bible-beating fundamentalism. Much more than a mere observer, she connects with these young people on an intimate level, and the candor with which they reveal themselves to her is truly astonishing.

15 years ago

Well as long as she is beautiful, that’s what matters.

I didn’t recognize her in that picture above! Guess I must have been really drunk, and that’s why I don’t remember. Of course, that means whatever I said, can’t be reliable given I was drunk. And one can disregard what’s written about me (except the good things.) NAH, JUST KIDDING!

15 years ago

I am sure she was as impressed with you as you were with her, especially if you were wearing your Creationist cheap tuxedo. 😀

Would you violate any rules, ethics or otherwise, if you give us an overview of what the interview is about?

15 years ago


I checked out the Amazon comments and noticed that they talk a lot about youth and our secular culture. Our contemporary secular culture is a culture of despair and meaninglessness, that has its ultimate roots in the 19th century “death of God” movement. Of course, Darwinism was the creation myth of this religion of nihilism.

It’s interesting that the cultural changes mentioned in the book are not just limited to young people. I converted from atheism to evangelical Christianity in 1994 at age 43, a few years after my first daughter was born. I began to finally admit to myself that if God did not exist, life was ultimately absurd.

I had assumed up until that point, as a result of my “intellectual” and atheistic background, that science had eliminated God from the equation. It didn’t prove that God does not exist, but it proved that He might as well not. God was undoubtedly a creation of man, and not the other way around.

And then came a really big, life-transforming surprise! I not only realized that RON (my Religion Of Nihilism) was depressing and destructive — it was also wrong. And not just wrong in an ordinary, garden-variety sense, but catastrophically, spectacularly, scientifically wrong!

The science that had presumably killed God was now resurrecting Him. The universe was fine-tuned for life, and all attempts to explain this away were obvious acts of desperation. Life was obviously designed, and all attempts to explain this away were obvious acts of desperation, designed to keep RON alive.

I’d really like to write a book about this, but I don’t know where I’d find the time, or if there would be a large enough readership to justify the effort.


15 years ago

Welcome Gil!

How in the world to you guys ever find us? This weblog isn’t really advertized, and I thought it would be a good place to hang out and be our old irrevent selves, with no so serious discussion.

So, I’m just amazed at who is showing up!

I’m meeting many atheists who were not raised in a Christian home, and are tired of their world view. The president of the freethinkers at JMU, Michael Taft told me, “Salvador, it sucks being an atheist. I really want to believe, and I wish some could prove it to me.” He went on to help me get into the Journal Nature by helping me pole the JMU student interest in ID. He does not yet believe in God as far as I know. I should remember him in my prayers.

I really could sense his sincerity as I was there 6 years ago, about ready become an agnostic. 6 years ago, the evidence for God seemed so far away. Then I realized, well, gravity can’t be seen directly either, neither magnetic fields. If great truths like these cannot be seen directly, then why should I expect God to be seen directly…..

I have been praying for Lauren. She wrote this book partly because she was appalled at how her fellow atheists were abusing Christians! Something insider her said the conduct of her side was unethical….

She’s not a rabid atheist like Dawkins, more like Michael Taft, a seeker of truth. To give an idea of Lauren’s writing, see:
Holy Rock ‘n’ Rollers to get an idea of her commentary free reporting style.


15 years ago


Being an atheist does indeed suck. The “freethinkers” are not free at all; they are in bondage, but don’t realize it. I know this from personal experience. I have legitimately been set free.

Atheism is way too much trouble. One must invest so much time and effort trying to explain away the obvious. And to what end?



15 years ago

When you mentioned this book a few weeks ago on another blog I checked the reviews and was tempted to write then.
Now Dembski has posted them at Uncommon descent.
The reviews say much about the reviewers, and what is wrong with our society’s authors/intelligentsia in general.
Words used in describing the religious youth:
“great national ill”
“closed-minded certainty and is frighteningly cult-like”
“ignorance and religious fascism”
“If you have any doubt that there is a culture war that must be waged and won by secularists in America, read this book.”

With the irrational fear this palpable it is little wonder naturalism/materialism is defended with such desperate rigor.

If these “praises” for the book are not projections of the reviewers, but actually reflect its content then I fear for Sal’s chances of coming out unscathed.

15 years ago

Brother Gil has been around for awhile now, he just haven’t posted much. Welcome back bro.

I don’t think I was ever an atheist, at least not in the sense that is being used in these debates. I went to Catholic school, but I got into Eastern mysticism and philosophy and took some side trips into the wilderness. 😆

These words of the Lord have been proven true in my life. Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty forever. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


[…] Sal made a comment that I’ve been thinking about for some time, but I don’t know how to make it into a post. So I think I will just throw it out and see what kind of feedback I would get from this obscure blog. First here is what Sal wrote. Then I realized, well, gravity can’t be seen directly either, neither magnetic fields. […]