Aug 022006

Top 10 Actions by new School Board

Now that the power has been won, it is time to execute Plan 666.

10. No religious paraphenalia allowed in public schools. Searches are to be performed at the school entrance.

9. Any appeal to God or any prayer offerred will result in immediate expulsion.

8. In order for students to pass biology, they must denounce YECism.

7. School on Sundays.

6. Free abortions by High School nurse.

5. Gay sensitive curriculum and Gay Bathrooms.

4. Don’t ask don’t tell drug policy.

3. End football programs and replace them with soccer.

2. New curriculum to include the study of the “FSM”.

1.Replace the symbol for a failing grade from “F” to “Dembski”.

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[…] The list is obviously a joke (“Plan 666”, anyone?), and “dmvprof” makes that abundantly clear in laters posts. Nonetheless, the list is being showcased on Teleological Blog, where Salvador T. Cordova presents it under the heading, “KCFS supporter speaks his mind”, as if the poster was serious. […]

15 years ago

I’m leaving the original title up so that people will understand what happened. So I will amend what I have already written by my comments here.

If a politician had courted minority votes, and was later recorded making racist jokes, what would happen to his credibility. I think this poster is symbolic of what I perceive as a total charade by Darwin promoters that this is purely about science. For some of them, they just have contempt for what people like myself stand for.

I have no problem with free speech. I would just prefer they drop the pretense that this is all about good science but rather just an expression of opposition for another culture.

15 years ago

I completely agree with your comments at TT. It seems that Krauze might have jump the gun a bit in his chastisement of you. It was immediately obvious to anyone reading this list that it was meant as a joke. And second there is no indication that you were trying to imply that it was meant as a serious position from KCFS.

I like you find it as a distorted repugnant caricature of people of faith. And you are also right; I would have preferred a more upfront criticism from dmvprof. Krauze’s criticism reminds me of racist jokes are much more sensitive to group that the joke was targeted. I have met “Whites” who have no problem with the “N-word” , even thought they claim that they don’t mean anything by it. I thought tolerance was supposed to understand the sensitivity of others that are different from you?

I am not insinuating that Krauze is insensitive. I am just saying that Christians like us are more sensitive to these criticisms. I am sure Krauze intended to be judicious but in this case, IMHO, it was misapplied.

15 years ago

Thanks teleologist,

I think Krauze may not be aware of the dynamics going on here in Evangelical USA”.

When I said, “In fact, here is what one KCFS supporter is hoping will succeed instead:” that was a bit of hyperbole. But on the other token, the joke had an air of sincere hatred in it”.

What at work here is not the converse of Forrest’s bogus “theocracy conspiracy” or “chicken littleism” . The desire to do harm is real. Within ID alone, the victims: Sternberg, Dembski, Crocker, Bryson, etc. The other side is willing to resort to the most unwholesome and unethical tactics to achieve its ends. They have a history of following through with their threats when they have the opportunity…

Krauze doesn’t see the vandalism being committed against our IDEA club property or the fact I’m constantly trying to protect the identities of pro-ID biology students or post docs lest they get targeted. He doesn’t know that I meet professors and scientists at the universities with their necks on the line. This threat of harm is real, unlike the worries of theocracy which are totally bogus.

I can appreciate he was trying to be fair minded to both sides. He is a good friend. And I hope he can appreciate my situation.

Even in the USA we’re seeing punks burning innocent churches down for kicks. The threat of theocracy is bogus, but the threat of physical harm to the property, person, and livelihood of Christians is real and documented.
I have no prejudice to atheists. It is well know my friendships with them help us to work together to promote ID (imagine that atheists teaming up with me).

However, this situation is different. I sense intense hostility against Christians by dmvprof. dmvprof in other words showed his true colors and spoke his mind.

That’s the kind of company KCFS Darwinists keep. I don’t know why the Christians among the KCFSers (Darwinist Jeremy Mohn) didn’t’ come forward and protest loudly. If someone makes a racist remark, they’re probably expelled from a message board. However, trashing of Christians at KCFS isn’t considered rude. Instead, Krebs condemns me and not dmvprof.

15 years ago

This is no joke. If you lived in one of the former communist countries you would take this a bit more serious. Enjoy the freedom of religion, for now.