Sep 092006
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15 years ago

“As Hume observed so long ago, evil trumps design.”
But where do we get notion of evil, whithout understanding what good is? Evolution cannot (if it is consistent) have categories like evil and good, so this “argument” against design, turns to be argument against Evolution.

15 years ago

Thanks inunison, you make an excellent point.

15 years ago

Good and evil are simply contrasts in nature and actions, as perceived by human beings.

In the same way that darkness does not exist, as it is just the absence of light, so it is this perception that can result in a lack of good being perceived as evil. The lack of light, which denies the senses, fuels this fear, and therefore fuels the concept of evil.

To assume that evolution has no concept of good and evil is to deny the human ability to accept their self awareness, an awareness of others and subsequently empathy with others, whereby it can be recognised that one individual can recognise the pain and suffering in another and recognise that this is not a good thing…the ultimate being death. As one becomes self aware, one becomes aware that one can die; being murdered becomes something to fear, and therefore is deemed to be a bad thing for an individual. Ergo, you have the categories of good and bad.