Dec 182006

The CSC¨wrote in its Nota Bene for Friday 15 Dec 2006,

The key section of the widely-noted court decision on intelligent design issued a year ago on December 20 was copied nearly verbatim from a document written by ACLU lawyers, according to a study released today by scholars affiliated with the Discovery Institute.

“Judge John Jones copied verbatim or virtually verbatim 90.9% of his 6,004-word section on whether intelligent design is science from the ACLU‘s proposed ‘Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law’ submitted to him nearly a month before his ruling,” said Dr. John West, Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs at Discovery Institute‘s Center for Science and Culture.

Did Judge Jones ALSO Plagiarize Scholar’s Book in Dickinson College Commencement Speech?

We have made clear that Judge Jones’ wholesale and uncritical copying from ACLU attorneys in the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision is not considered “plagiarism” in legal circles–even though such verbatim copying has been frowned upon by appellate courts. But what about the unattributed use of language from someone else’s book in a public speech? According to the posted text of his Commencement Address at Dickinson College, Judge Jones appears to have engaged in unattributed copying outside the courtroom as well. Compare the following passages and decide for yourself whether this new finding constitutes plagiarism.

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Welcome Back fdocc!!!

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Dickinson College Commencement Speech? Do we have a hard copy of the speech? Otherwise this will only prove that Web editor omitted quote marks and footnote (that are now evident on Dickinson College site).

15 years ago

Dear inunison, here the link.