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The New Scientist had an article titled ” Review 2006: Evolution in action” last month. To be accurate, it should have been titled — ” Review 2006: Illusion in action” .

Darwinists are masters at misdirection i.e., they are professional magicians. The only difference between Darwinists and Las Vegas Lounge illusionists is that the Vegas performers acknowledge that their magic is through Sleight of hand; but the Darwinists will insist their magic is by some unseen force.

STUDYING evolution is a lot like studying tigers. You know your subject is there by the traces it leaves, but you don’t often see it in the flesh.

Now that is an understatement of the year. In truth, you don’t see it at all.

This year, though, evolutionary biologists were treated to not one but several glimpses of evolution in action right before their eyes.

Here comes the misdirection.

When researchers introduced a larger, predatory lizard onto the tiny Caribbean islands where they live, A. sagrei immediately began to evolve longer legs for speedier escapes. But then the little lizards learned to flee into the branches of shrubs, where the predator could not follow – and within six months evolution had changed tack again to favour shorter-legged lizards, which are better climbers.

However, such changes are small beer compared with the hard stuff of evolution: making new species. Yet here too evolution put on a show in real time. Biologists reported not one, but two butterfly species that arose abruptly from hybridisation between existing species, a form of instant speciation formerly known only in plants.

Watch the lizard” here’s one lizard and here’s another lizard. OK? Watch the butterfly” here is one butterfly, two butterflies and” watch a third butterfly. OK? Now watch very carefully” here is a bacterium here is your grandfather.

Isn’t that amazing? There are forces all around us. If we can make the lizards legs grow longer immediately and shorter in six months, there is no limit to the power of what we can do in a few million years. You know this to be a fact because we’ve demonstrated our Darwinian powers by making the lizard’s legs grow longer and shorter.

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14 years ago

Juan’s problem is he does not understand what is being debated. Saying that lizards already existed with the variety noted does NOT tell us how that variety arose in the first place. And that is what is being debated.

Perhaps Juan should educate himself before making nonsensical posts like that.

14 years ago

I think the problem here is since you apparently have no knowledge on how evolution works that you are confused by the wording of the article. I believe the article is geared toward people who have some idea on how science works.

See, the legs didn’t get start growing longer or shorter on individuals. There was already a mixer of short and long legged lizards and at first the ones with longer legs were able to out-breed the shorted legged ones because of their speed (they had a higher chance of survival). Later when some lizards started climbing to escape then they began to out-breed the long legged ones because they had an even higher chance of survival.

Your comment on the article is really nothing more than a logical fallacy called and Argument from Ignorance and a strawman. Sorry, but you should really educated yourself first before posting something like this and making yourself look foolish.