Feb 012007

This is a must read from WD.

The cost of putting a program like this together — $50, honorarium for Dr. Tommyrot — $250, exposing the Dawkins myth — PRICELESS.

There is a flaw in Dr. Tommyrot’s case. The existence of the Dawkins is a fact like gravity is a fact. You see, we have numerous missing links that led to the evolution of Dawkins. In the beginning there was the Darwin. Do you see the similarity between Darwin and Dawkins? Through gradual cumulative mutations it is not hard to see how Darwin can turn into a Dawkins. There are also side branches like the Myers and Harris and the most recent common ancestor Dennett. We also have fossil evidences from extinct species like Huxley and dead enders like Lamarck.

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15 years ago

That was so funny. HEHEHE!

It never occurred to me how ripe Dawkins style is for parody.