Feb 062007

Our friends at The Panda’s Thumb are planning a re-enactment podcast of the
Dover trial and are looking for voice talent. Imagine my surprise when I
received this e-mail today from someone named Lee Bowman:

Are you a voice talent? Andrew Arensburger is looking for volunteers!

Casting director is PZ Myers (self appointed).

PZ is the “self-appointed” director. You gotta give PZ points for Chuzpah!!

Check out the details on this website

Over at PT, PZ had this to say about it:

Are you a voice talent? Want to
participate in an online drama? Sign up for a part in a podcast recreation of
parts of the Dover trial. It should be fun, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I’m not volunteering, I’m afraid. I can’t act, and I’m also afraid that the
closest match to my voice would be Michael Behe, and I’d die of mortification.”

Maybe it would be Mike Behe who would be mortified to be mistaken for PZ Meyers!!! At any rate, we certainly wouldn’t want to confuse PZ with Mike Behe!!!!
I’m tempted….but I don’t think they’d let me improvise!!!

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15 years ago

Does “PZ” stand for “Pimples & Zits”?

Perhaps all we need to get rid of this guy is a good dermatologist. Rub a little “proactive” on him and he just fades away. 🙂